Preserved & Dried Filler

Preserved Spiral Eucalyptus

$17.24 $22.99

Preserved Spiral Eucalyptus (also known as Baby Eucalyptus) features tall, linear stems with small leaves. Spiral Eucalyptus is popular in every type of floral design, due to how easy it is to use and the lovely fragrance. From bouquets, to centerpieces and garlands, this preserved eucalyptus is not only pretty on its own, but it's perfect for adding texture, depth and fullness to any arrangement.

  • Size: Each bunch weighs approximately 4 oz

Please keep in mind that filler and greenery are very delicate and some buds may fall off while shipping. Keep away from direct sunlight and moisture to last longer. Check out our blog on how to care for your flowers and filler.

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