Caring for Your Luv Sola Flowers and Fillers

Caring for Your Luv Sola Flowers and Fillers

The excitement begins when you start flipping through our website. So many sola flowers and fillers. Maybe you are searching for wooden wedding flowers, maybe wood flowers for home decor projects, or maybe fillers and greeneries to accompany your already built-up stash.

How fun to scroll through and see all the different styles. Your mind dreaming up projects and creations! A little of this, a little of that, and soon your cart is full!

Shipment confirmation hits your email and you go into super obsessed "track my package" mode. Checking out the window to see if the postman has arrived, you just CAN'T WAIT for that box with Luv Sola Flowers stamped on it arrives.

I know, you know, we all know the feeling we get when we bring the box in and pop it open and the flowers spill out and the fragrance of filler hits our noses. Because sola wood flowers isn't just a product, it's a lifestyle - crafting, designing, creating, and doing it with a community who understands is like refreshment to the soul and mind.

But, once you have your order, how do you best care for your newly arrived stash? Here are some pointers on keeping our products their best way, safe and stored properly.

Sola wood flowers:
  • Once your package arrives, at least poke a whole in the bag, so it can't trap in moisture
  • You can store in open or closed bins out of their bags - if you have silica packets, feel free to toss those in
  • Make sure they are stored in a dry place - sola flowers are an organic product that can grow mold if sitting in moisture or extreme humidity
  • Store in a cool place, out of direct sunlight
  • Once dyed, ensure they are COMPLETELY dry before storing away
  • When ready to use, if squished from storage, spritz with water to fluff them up before use
  • To dust, simply use a regular duster or spray can of air
  • Once an arrangement or bouquet is made, don't lay it on its side for too long, in may get smooshed on its side
  • Sola wood flowers last forever if well taken care of - if outdoors, keep out of direct weather elements and seal with a poly-acrylic sealant or a product with similar usages
  • Although sola flowers are soft and flexible, handle with care to limit breakage
  • You can apply few drops of oil-based scents between the petals, or in the back of the flower
  • Use hot glue or e6000 for stemming or projects - DO NOT USE super glue, as it will smoke
  • Do not microwave to dry - you can use a very low setting on your oven or set in front of a fan
  • Store in a cool, non-humid area
  • Keep out of direct sunlight
  • You can remove from package to air it out
  • Remember, our fillers and greeneries are preserved or dried - this organic material may attract bugs, so store in a safe area
  • Dried fillers last forever - handle with care as dried fillers tend to be slightly more brittle than preserved 
  • Preserved fillers last about 10 years looking the way you purchased them - after this, although they last forever, they may discolor or dry out some
  • Humidity may make preserved fillers "bleed" - dried fillers are better for outdoor use in this case
  • Dyed fillers can bleed color due to moisture on your hands - wear gloves if this bothers you, but the colors don't tend to bleed onto flowers, so colored fillers are safe to use even with raw ivory colored wood flowers

We hope this helps you in caring for your "precious cargo". We love our customers to get the full benefits of our products when used, cared for, and stored properly!
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Thank you for the great storage tips.

Linda Hicks

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