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Why Wooden Filler Flowers are a Must in Any Floral Arrangement

Under normal conditions, living flowers will only last about a week or two. There are many ways that you can extend this lifespan. However, the best way to keep flowers from withering is to purchase wooden ones instead.

Many types of flowers have wooden counterparts. Each of these has benefits. This article will focus on the benefits of wooden filler flowers in particular. 

Do you want to become a better flower arranger? Do you need to create the perfect flower arrangements for an upcoming event? If so, read on to learn about wooden filler flowers and enhance your bouquets. 

Introduction to the Roles of Flowers

In a professional flower arrangement, each flower type has a role. Usually, many species of flowers can perform the same role. However, flowers in the same role often have similar attributes. 

For example, line flowers all stand tall like straight lines. They also have many blossoms close to the stem. 

Focal flowers are another type. These are large flowers that often only have one blossom per stem. 

To fulfill their roles, flowers must strengthen certain visual aspects of an arrangement. An arranger helps flowers do this by placing them in certain arrangement positions. 

Line flowers establish an arrangement's shape and direction. Arrangers usually add them first into an arrangement. They will also place them so that they face horizontal and vertical directions. 

Focal flowers command the most attention. Arrangers will place them close to the arrangement's center and below the edge. 

What Are Filler Flowers? 

The purpose of filler flowers is to 'fill' in the empty parts of most flower arrangement ideas. Arrangers will place them between the filler and focal flowers. Doing so makes the arrangement look busier and more dynamic. 

As for common traits, filler flower options have clusters of flowers on a stem or flower head. You may also find multiple leaves on a stem and blooms that feather. Also, the individual blossoms are small compared to focal and line ones. 

Wooden Fillers Look Just as Beautiful

Do real flowers look better than artificial ones? Those who have seen cheap plastic versions may say so. However, sola wood flowers are not that.

They're instead made from natural materials. Namely, they're made from the [root of the aeschynomene aspera plant] INCORRECT. This material gives the plants knots and veins along their surface.

The surface is far more beautiful than the waxy and/or cloth look that cheap artificial flowers have. It may not look exactly like the real thing. However, these flowers have a beauty that’s all their own. 

Customizing Wooden Fillers Is an Option 

All species of flowers only come in a few colors. For many, there is a wide variety of options. There are also certain ways to 'dye' flowers

However, these may still not match up with your event's color and/or theme.

For example, you may want a flower that symbolizes something related to your event. A daffodil, which represents rebirth, may be perfect for a New Year Party. However, you won't be able to find a natural blue one. 

In contrast, you can have sola flowers painted any color that you wish. Guests with ample plant knowledge may question your unnaturally colored flowers. If you can take that criticism, choosing sola flowers can help your flowers and event match. 

Guests Likely Won't Notice Wooden Fillers

If any members of your flower arrangements need to be artificial, flower fillers are the best choice. Compared to the line and focal types, fillers command the least of the viewer’s attention. The eyes of arrangement viewers won’t get pulled to filler flowers.

This makes it easy to hide the artificial nature of wooden filler flowers. It’s unlikely that your viewer’s gaze will linger on them for long. This won’t give them enough time to notice the differences. 

You Can Use Wooden Fillers in Many Arrangements

It’s difficult to use the same artificial flower arrangements multiple times. Unique events will probably have different colors and themes. The same flower arrangement may not match all of them. 

For this reason, you may think it best to buy new real or artificial flower arrangements for each event. This won't be cheap, but it will make your events look impressive.

However, there is one way to lower the cost. Not all your flowers have to be new each time. You can use filler flowers in multiple arrangements with the right approach. 

Focal and line flowers with certain colors will have to match the event's colors. In contrast, guests will treat fillers as mere accents and not need them to match. This effect works even better if you get fillers in colors that complement many others. 

Wooden Fillers Last Much Longer 

Some events are so special that you'll want to remember them. These include such ones as weddings, baby showers, etc. To help you remember them, you may want to keep certain pieces.

Usually, you can do this with flowers. The real ones eventually wither and crumble to pieces. There are ways to preserve them, but this often comes with an added expense. 

Wooden flowers, however, last for a very long time. This can make it easy to save them. You can then put your bouquet in a prominent spot and remember your event each time you see it. 

Get Your Sola Filler Flowers From Us

In sum, just because sola flowers are artificial, it doesn't mean that they are less. All that matters is the situation for which you need flowers. In most situations, sola flowers can fulfill those needs. 

Are you interested in using wooden filler flowers in your flower projects now? If so, look at all our options. With such a variety and many customization options, it's certain you'll find the ones that you need. 

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