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Lasting Beauty: Everything You Need to Know About Flowers Made of Wood

As beautiful as real flowers are, the beauty simply can’t last. Wouldn’t it be ideal to be able to keep that perfect bouquet of flowers forever? Now, you can. 

Sola flowers give the realistic beauty of flowers forever. Each handmade out of wood, these flowers never wilt or die. Perfect for weddings, events, or home decor, flowers made of wood keep the memories alive. 

Read on to learn more about sola flowers and how they get made. 

What is a Sola Flower? 

Sola flowers are made of wood from the sola plant, primarily aeschynomene aspera. Every sola flower gets made by hand and can be customized by size, color, and style. Once made, they have an indefinite lifespan and can look beautiful in any space for years. 

These flowers made of wood look and feel very similar to live cut flowers, and you would never guess they are made from wood. 

What is a Sola Plant? 

Primarily indigenous to Southeast Asia, the sola plant is a leafy green, flowering plant that thrives in warm wetlands. The bark of the tree gets peeled back to reveal the core, which is used to make sola flower petals. 

How are Wood Flowers Made? 

Once the petals from the sola plant are made, artists hand assemble each flower individually. Then, the flower gets added to the stem. From there, sola florists can assemble unique bouquets and assortments. 

Fully customizable, clients can choose the colors and style of their arrangements and bouquets. Each flower is dyed and arranged by hand and each sola flower is unique. 

Can I Choose the Color of my Sola Flowers? 

Yes! Freshly made sola flowers are naturally white, which gives the perfect canvas for dyes. 

Not only can the sola flowers be dyed to perfectly match live flowers, but they also are not limited by nature and can be fully customized to fit your needs. In love with one style of flower but wish it matched your wedding colors? No problem! 

The only limit to the possibilities is your imagination. 

Do Sola Flowers Smell Like Real Flowers?

Sola flowers naturally have little to no scent and are therefore a blank canvas for your favorite scents. 

Simply put a few drops of scented oil at the base of the flower or between the petals, and enjoy any scent you like! 

Are Sola Flowers Eco-Friendly? 

Yes! Sola flowers are very eco-friendly.

Sola flowers do not require water to stay alive and can stay alive indefinitely (meaning more flowers do not need to be cut to fill your vase). Furthermore, sola flowers are plastic-free, so when the time comes to dispose of them, they will biodegrade naturally. 

flowers made of wood

Caring for Flowers Made of Wood

There are a few simple steps you can take to keep your sola flowers looking beautiful forever: 

  • Store in a dry place 
  • If they get squished, spritz lightly with water and fluff them up
  • Keep sola flowers out of the elements
  • Do not use superglue, as the flowers can react to it. Instead, use hot glue if needed

Other than some basic care, sola flowers are very low maintenance and can stay gorgeous with exceptionally little effort. 

Sola Flower Arrangements 

Sola flowers are fully customizable, and so are the bouquets and arrangements that can be made using them. This makes them especially ideal for making your visions a reality. With full creative control, you can mix and match different styles, colors, and flowers to create the perfect bouquet for your occasion. 

This also makes a fantastic bridal activity to do with your bridesmaids! Get together and custom make your bouquets exactly how you envision them. Make a little bridal party out of it with snacks and drinks! 

Unlike flowers from the store, wooden flowers can be arranged weeks or months in advance, so they are one less thing to worry about before your big day. After assembling your bouquets, store them in a cool, dry location and gently cover them to protect them from dust. On the day of the event, simply uncover and fluff them up for the perfect look. 

Buying Sola Flowers in Bulk

Planning a wedding or an event and need a lot of flowers and bouquets? Buy sola flowers in bulk

Not only can you save a lot of money buying sola in bulk, but you can buy in advance and not have to worry about meeting timelines in the days before your event. Simply store your flowers in a dry location and fluff them up when setting up your venue. 

Why Choose Sola Over Live Flowers? 

Live flowers can only survive about 2 weeks once cut and are very expensive if you buy exotic or large bouquets. Sola flowers last forever, so the memories with each bouquet can live on indefinitely. Your wedding bouquet can stay in a vase in your home for your entire life, and you will be able to look at it and remember it daily. 

Not only are sola flowers permanent, but they are also pollen allergen-friendly (since there is no pollen involved whatsoever) and significantly cheaper than real flowers. 

Add in the fact that they are eco-friendly and completely customizable, and you have great reasons to choose sola flowers over live! Sola flowers carry many benefits over live flowers and will make a great choice for your next event. 

Buy Sola Flowers for Your Next Event

Now that you know about sola, consider using it for your next big event! Weddings, parties, funerals, graduations, or any other event will look amazing using sola flowers, and at a lower cost. 

For more information about buying and using flowers made of wood, visit us here

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