How to Enhance Your Floral Arrangement Using Filler Flowers

How to Enhance Your Floral Arrangement Using Filler Flowers

More than 60 million people have experienced symptoms of allergies. A large portion of those people is allergic to pollen, making it difficult for those getting married to carry a bouquet without suffering. 

Fortunately, Sola wood flowers make it a snap for those suffering from pollen allergies to have a beautiful bouquet on their wedding day. If you or your florist is creating a bouquet for your big day, you might be struggling to find ways to fill out your bouquet. Filler flowers are great options to add dimension to your bouquet while using sustainable and faux options. 

This guide will discuss the different types of filler flowers and greenery and how you can use them to take your bouquets up a notch. 

What Are Filler Flowers?

Filler flowers are a bunch of flowers on a flower head or single stem. You can also use bunches of greenery in the same manner. They can also be bulky greens or dried flowers. Filler flowers are typically used to fill in an arrangement. Many Filler flowers don’t actually have blooms but are leafy, fluffy, or fuzzy.

Filler flowers can also be used as an accent to compliment the other materials that you're using in a bouquet. You have to be careful when adding them to your bouquet because you don't want to add too many. Doing so will result in a cluttered and crowded look. 

Filler greenery and foliage are great accent options to create harmony and unity. Depending on what type of greenery you use, they can soften or lighten an arrangement. 

Tips on Adding Filler Flowers for Bouquets

One of the things to keep in mind as you get ready to make your bouquet is preparation. In addition to stemming your wood flowers, you want to have your filler flowers and greenery prepared as well. If they came in a bunch, separate them out beforehand so you can grab them quickly as you get to work. 

As you start building your bouquet with your Sola wood flowers, look for empty spots or holes. Fill them in as you go along. 

Start with a few wood flowers to make the base of your bouquet. Then, fill in with a few filler flowers and foliage. Create an alternating sequence of your fillers and main flowers to make concentric circles. 

With filler flowers, a little bit goes a long way. You want them to enhance the beauty of your main Sola wood flowers and complement them. Try to limit the types of fillers you use to just a few kinds. 

Greenery adds shape and texture to your bouquets. You can have fun in this area. Experiment with different types of leaves to see what works best for your arrangement. 

Explore Our Different Types of Faux Filler Flowers and Greenery

One of the best things about using our fillers is that you don't have to worry about finding seasonal filler flowers. Since our materials are artificial, you can use whatever type of filler you want no matter the time of year. 

Let's talk about some of our most fun filler flowers and greenery. 

Dried and Preserved Filler

Our dried and preserved filler flowers are made from the highest quality materials. They're wonderful for creating various styles that go with your bouquet's theme. 

Statice is a common filler flower used in fresh floral arrangements. Our dried German Statice is thick-stemmed and hardy. Each bushel is filled with countless small white flowers. 

Do you want to add a pop of color to your bouquet? Explore our preserved Caspia. It comes in a variety of bright colors, from fuchsia to teal. 

Our floral buttons are another fun option that comes in multiple colors. They're little round flowers whose stem is made from straw. They'll add texture and depth to any flower arrangement. 

For fall and winter-themed bouquets, dried Canela berries are a wonderful option. The berries look like miniature pine cones once they're dried. 

Starflowers are one of the most popular filler flowers for bouquets. Their blossoms are small and star-shaped. They also come in a variety of colors. 

Dried Setaria is the perfect option for boho-style or rustic bouquets. Their bristled, fluffy ends add a wonderful pop of texture to your arrangements. These come in natural hues, like berry and burnt oak. 

Broom bloom is very similar to baby's breath. These flowers are more concentrated and fuller toward the end of the stems. Choose from a variety of colors, like purple and dark green. 

Filler Flowers

At Luv Sola Flowers, we also carry a wide range of faux filler greenery options. Ruscus is one of the most popular greenery options we carry. It looks realistic thanks to the dusty flocking on each leaf. 

Looking for something a bit more unusual? Our bleached willow bush includes long stems of white willow branches. The leaves are made from silk, adding a soft touch to any bouquet. 

Ficus leaves is classic greenery that you can find in a variety of bouquets. The leaves are pointed and you can easily deconstruct the bush. 

A longleaf fern is a great option if you want to add texture to your bouquet. The leaves are long and wispy. They're also made from top-of-the-line plastic. 

We also carry faux baby's breath, one of the most popular filler flowers for wedding bouquets. The buds on our stems look like the real thing. The bushels also include some closed buds to add to the realistic look. 

Add an additional pop of color with faux lavender stems. Fresh lavender tends to shed after a while. Our artificial lavender is slightly flocked, making for a realistic texture. 

Explore Sola Wood Flowers for Your Bouquets

Dried and faux filler flowers and greenery are great companions to Sola wood flowers. Made from wood, Sola flowers last longer than traditional bouquets. Even if you don't suffer from allergies, a Sola wood bouquet will make a great memento that you can keep for a lifetime. 

Shop our online store to explore all of our Sola wood flowers. 

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