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Filler Flowers: What Are My Options for Bouquet Fillers?

One of the most difficult tasks is planning the perfect floral bouquet. Flowers can get expensive, as can the expertise required to arrange them. At the end of it all, you need to make sure your centerpiece flowers don't look lonely or naked.

The solution is bouquet fillers. Some of this will come in filler flowers, but you should also consider greenery. Height, depth, volume, theme, and color are also important.

In addition to this, you need to consider texture and material. Make sure any dried or faux fillers look realistic. Natural alternatives like sola wood are cheap, long-lasting, biodegradable, and beautiful.

Check out our guide below and know your options for bouquet fillers today.

Sola Wood Flower Bouquet

When thinking about filler flowers or bouquet fillers, why not consider Sola wood flowers? Unlike other artificial flowers, sola flowers come from an actual plant - the sola plant. Akin to very light and pliable wood, sola allows for gorgeous handmade arrangements.

The original color of sola is creamy ivory. Dying it in any color you want or shaping it for your needs is straightforward. It's even possible to do it yourself for optimal control and savings.

Sola flowers bouquets are allergy and eco-friendly and allow for flexibility. You can make roses, carnations, and even peonies with sola. They last longer than traditional flowers and aren't as delicate but still look stunning.

The great thing about sola flowers is you don't have to make the whole bouquet out of them. You can use them as fillers in place of typical real alternatives. The sentimental value of real roses and ferns can get complimented by sola fillers.

That said, sola is biodegradable and natural. Sola wood flowers work well inside any arrangement.

Small and Mighty

When people think of flower fillers, they tend to think small and cheap. Baby's breath is the most common one, which is easy to replicate with realistic plastic.

In the right hands and arrangement, a good bouquet filler isn't cheap or small.

It's voluminous and finds ways to let even the smallest addition contribute to the beauty. German Statice, in particular, is gorgeous.

It is full of prickly heads of small white flowers that fill out any bouquet. They're a good alternative to baby's breath for white filler flowers. They give you a delicate look but in a sort of flowing way.

Those who prefer more pop of color can also consider dried floral buttons. These are great at adding depth, volume, and texture. All while complimenting the rest of your arrangement.


Incorporating faux greenery is a wonderful way to fill out a bouquet. Ferns, eucalyptus, and other options have long been favorites for creating realistic bouquets. Ruscus, in particular, is popular for its tear-shaped leaves.

If made of high-quality low-shine plastic, it's indistinguishable from the real thing. Sage and Frosted Boxwood bushes are also a great way of giving your arrangement a wintery look. Pine bushes are another fantastic option that is easy to frost.

The wintery look goes well with most flowers with heavy petals. Peonies or garden roses work well and are easy to make with sola. It's also quite easy to replicate the Christmas feel of holly.

Dried red Canela berries can lend the right pop of color against the greenery of your bouquet. Faux weeping willows provide a much-needed level of volume and depth. The way it cascades out from the bouquet makes it feel rich and full.

Faux cypress or two-toned rosemary bushes are also good at filling gaps. If done right, they provide a beautiful natural look. Incorporating dusty miller stems is also very popular.

For the most realistic look, they should get made of high-quality silk and plastic. These are great ornamental pieces for you to place judiciously. Finally, don't forget about classics like eucalyptus.

These are a great way to add height or depth while creating a sense of fullness.

filler flowers, bouquet filler, bouquet fillers

Add Some Height

While picking out filler flowers for bouquets, you can't forget to add height. You don't want your bouquet looking flat. There are a variety of ways to achieve this, including faux or dried eucalyptus, but there are options too.

Preserved caspia is a good choice and comes in a rainbow of different colors. These range from warm and bright to cool and subdued. Dried Bunny Tailsare also perfect for any rustic or boho arrangement.

Dried Billy Balls offer a fun pop of color while giving you a nice height. They're best used alongside other tall fillers that add volume. For those wanting a bluer option, preserved Echinops are great for that rustic or wild look.

Like faux or preserved lavender, heather is a great filler flower for filling gaps and adding texture. It draws the eye in a complimentary way without stealing the show. Heather is full of small yet dense blossoms that go along its length.

These make dried heather great for providing fullness. They come in various colors, one of the most common being pink. Lavender is more concentrated nearer to the top, so it works best when stuck into a surrounding arrangement.

Some prefer to use preserved lavender for the extra richness and rustic flair. Faux lavender can work very well, too, for longer-term arrangements. Playing with height or even branches and stems is one of the best ways to bring a unique look to your arrangements.


Something that gets left out when thinking about bouquet fillers is wildflowers. In the right arrangements, they can add a sense of natural beauty. This is especially true if paired well with greens.

Dried Star Flowers are a very popular choice. They're delicate and best used in small bundles but perfect for boho arrangements. Sola daisies are another great example.

Although usually small and common, they are fantastic compliments to many bouquets. Their long stems also help add height, and since you can get them in sola, you can be even more creative with color, size, and shape.

Sunflowers are another way to add volume, height, and texture. They come in several colors, and you can even make sunflowers from sola wood. Most wildflowers can get made into sola wood bouquets, or you can opt for a mixture of sola and other filler types.

Great Options for Filler Flowers and Bouquet Fillers

Bouquet fillers or filler flowers are a staple of any great bouquet. From smaller complimenting flowers to lush greenery, you need to consider several things. These include color, depth, height, and fullness, as well as theme.

On top of all this, there is also material and cost. Today you can incorporate natural materials like sola wood to make beautiful bouquets. At Luv Sola Flowers, we provide stunning sola wood options that fit any bouquet, so contact us today.

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