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Top 10 Most Sold Sola Wood Flowers and How Can They Be Used

If you want to learn how to create the best possible sola wood flowers arrangements and which are the best flowers that you can use, then here is the place to look. If you are new to sola flowers and you do not know what to do, check the video tutorials on our Facebook page or our guides on this blog. Using these guides, you can learn how to create a multitude of different arrangements. 

If you do not know which flowers you may need for your projects, then you search our large variety of products at any time. Luv Sola Flowers carries many different styles of flowers. It's also a good idea to purchase a larger variety to have many options for different projects. You should also purchase flowers in multiple sizes to as different projects need multiple sizes Below you will find some of our top sellers. It could be helpful to know the choices that our customers love. The information will guide you through the process of which designs are a good starting point. 

  1. New Beauty

This is the most popular wood flower on our website. Many of our clients choose this flower due to its popularity and usefulness in many projects. It is a rose with a classic design that is perfect for home decorations as well as wedding bouquets. Its classic design makes it the perfect fit for any event that requires elegance. So, you can decorate both your house and those of your clients, as well as creating wedding bouquets.

  1. Bird Rose

Another one of the popular wood flowers in our variety of products is Bird Rose. With a high degree of realism and its curled edges, this flower is a good fit for almost any type of decoration. And similar to New beauty, it also inspires elegance. Everyone needs a realistic rose in their stock.

  1. Beli

This is one of the wood flowers that you will see in many types of arrangements. For this reason, is another one of our popular products.  One of the biggest advantages it has is the high degree of realism. Resembling the mum, its realistic look brings life to any project. It makes your arrangements look more natural and is a perfect choice for any venue. 

  1. Carnation

As part of the classical type of flowers, Carnation can be used in most styles of decorations. You will be able to find it in many arrangements made from natural flowers. But nowadays, you can recreate all these arrangements from wood flowers as well. Our sola version is perfectly realistic. So, with some training, you will be able to create arrangements that are indistinguishable from the ones made with natural flowers.  

  1. Helena

Helena fits several different styles of arrangements. The main factor is its petals. And you can use these arrangements to decorate party venues for different occasions. It is a flower used to bring more texture to an arrangement. And it can also be used to increase the drama of the decorations. So, you can create arrangements meant for romantic setups, as well as those made for rustic or relaxed settings. parties.

  1. Closed Peony

One of the most common sola wood flowers used in wedding decorations, the closed peony has a high degree of realism. You could even say this flower is the staple of wedding arrangements. Their popularity is enormous, and it is a mandatory purchase for craftsmen that have wedding projects on their plates. As you can see on our website, this flower has a budded center with layers of outside petals. This realistic replica of nature's peony is a must have.

Luv Sola Flowers - Sola Wood Flowers

  1. White Peony

White Peony is another flower that has massive popularity for wedding decorations. You can either dye this flower or leave it raw. In both cases, the full bloom state is perfect in wedding arrangements. It can be used in combination with the closed peony, or separately. You can use them for your wedding or decor pieces 

  1. Rio Sunflower

A little bit of paint turns the Rio Sunflower into a classic sunflower. . You can create rustic or wildflower styled events using arrangements made with this wood flower. It is a very popular choice for house decoration.

  1. Josephine

Josephine is an interesting and texture-full flower that fits in any style of decoration. It is very beautiful, mostly because of its shape and texture, and it has a fabulous design that will fit in any wood arrangement. It is one of the few wood flowers that have an immense variety of uses. It can also easily become the center of the arrangements. It can also be used to complement other flowers. It can easily fill in the gaps in your arrangements. But you can also make it the focus of the decorations.  

  1. Zinnia

The Zinnia is a sola flower that looks just like it's fresh flower counterpart. Along with the Beli, the zinnia is perfect for wild and rustic looks. 

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