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Your Guide to Ordering Sola Flowers Bulk

Whether you're planning a wedding or a major event, sola wood flowers are a great option. Sola flowers are a great sustainable and eco-friendly option for fresh-cut flowers. They're also a wonderful alternative for those who suffer from allergies. 

If you need a large quantity of them, it might be your best option to purchase sola flowers in bulk. Purchasing them in bulk will save you money while ensuring you have enough flowers for your project. 

This guide will go over the benefits of sola flower bulk purchases and why they're a great choice for your upcoming event. 

What Are Sola Flowers?

Sola flowers are made from Shola plants, a sustainable material that's abundant in nature. It can be grown easily in waterlogged lands and rice paddies. 

The flowers are made from the white soft core of the plant. The material is supple, lightweight, and spongy. The bark or skin of the Shola plant is also useful. 

Some of the benefits of sola flowers over the fresh-cut variety include:

  • They look fresh for many years to come
  • They're a memorable keepsake
  • A budget-friendly option for major events
  • Durable
  • Low-maintenance
  • Allergen-free
  • Always in season 

Sola flowers can be dyed any color, so you can easily fit them into your event's color scheme. 

sola flowers bulk

Why Should I Order Sola Flowers in Bulk?

If you're planning on doing your own bouquets and arrangements for your wedding or event yourself, there are many benefits to purchasing sola wood flowers in bulk. Pay less by purchasing all your flowers ahead of time from a reputable sola flower seller

Reduce Your Event Budget

Unlike fresh-cut flowers, sola wood flowers won't wilt and die over time. Because of this, you can purchase your flowers whenever you'd like before your event. This helps you spread out the cost of your event instead of having to make a major purchase right before the big day. 

Additionally, some fresh-cut flowers can cost more money when they're out of season. With sola wood flowers, you can use your favorite type of flower whether or not they're in season. 

Buy Exactly What You Need

If you purchase wholesale fresh-cut flowers, you might get some blossoms that don't look good enough to put in an arrangement or bouquet. As a result, you can end up with fewer flowers than you need if you have to throw some away. 

With sola wood flowers, you can purchase exactly what you need and know that they'll be of the utmost quality when they arrive. 

Below are our recommendations for how many flowers you'll need for different types and sizes of arrangements:

  • Small Mixed Bouquet: 12 to 15 flowers
  • Medium Mixed Bouquet: 25 to 30 flowers
  • Large Mixed Bouquet: 35 to 40 flowers
  • 4" by 4" Centerpiece: 10 to 30 flowers depending upon the size
  • Boutonniere: One focal flower, two stems of filler, and one stem of greenery
  • Corsage: Two focal flowers, two stems of filler, two stems of secondary flowers, and one stem of greenery

It's always better to purchase more than you need. By buying in bulk, you'll save on cost and ensure that you have enough flowers. 

How to Choose the Right Type of Sola Flowers

What's wonderful about sola flowers is you can find any type of flower you'd like no matter the time of year. From dahlias to zinnias to peonies, there are countless options for you to choose from. 

If you're unsure of how to choose the right flowers for your wedding, no problem. Follow our tips below for some guidance. 

Look for Wedding Inspiration 

Browse the internet for popular wedding flower trends. You can look through pictures from actual weddings or create an inspiration board on Pinterest. 

You might find floral bouquets and arrangements that you love that you can use for reference. You might also find styles and flower types that you don't like. Either way, you'll start to get a sense of what you like and dislike. 

As you look through photos, make notes of your preferences. Some ideas of things you should jot down include:

  • Style
  • Texture
  • Color
  • Shape

You can also find inspiration in some unlikely places, like your favorite romance movie. And like we mentioned before, sola wood flowers can be dyed any color. You can experiment with different combinations that aren't normally found in nature. 

Decide Your Wedding Color Scheme

If you're still feeling stumped on what type and color of flowers to go with, think about them in regard to color. While your flowers don't have to exactly match your decor, it's good to have your blossoms complement your palette. 

Since sola wood flowers can be dyed, you can get them an almost exact match to the rest of your color palette. Grab photos of your decor, fabric swatches, and paint chips so you can use them when looking at flower ideas. Reviewing your wedding decor might spark some inspiration. 

Match Your Flowers to Your Style 

The flowers for your wedding should reflect the event's aesthetic and style. If your wedding is formal, you might opt for traditional flowers like roses. You don't want your bouquets and arrangements to feel out of place. 

If your wedding is more informal and relaxed, you can be a bit more creative. You can mix and match the type and style of flowers you choose. 

The flowers you choose will also set the tone for your wedding. Select a few words that you feel describe your wedding style. Some words include modern, boho, elegant, or rustic. 

Match your flowers to your wedding's style to ensure they seamlessly integrate with your decor. 

Browse Our Selection of Sola Flowers in Bulk

Sola wood flowers are a lovely option for your next event or your wedding. Our selection of sola flowers comes in a variety of types and is easily dyed to fit your event's color scheme. Create a memorable keepsake and something you can keep for many years to come. 

View our online shop to see our wide selection of sola flowers in bulk.  

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