The Best Uses for Wood Peony Flowers

The Best Uses for Wood Peony Flowers

Peonies are one of the most popular blooms of choice of brides for their upcoming nuptials. Peonies represent love and romance and are thought to be a good omen for a successful marriage. 

One of the things that cause peonies to be in such high demand is how sporadic they are. They're only available during certain times of the year, resulting in them being an exclusive blossom. However, if you want to use peonies for an event or wedding and they happen to be out of season, you might be out of luck. 

Using a wood peony in lieu of the fresh variety is a great way to access the flowers all year long. You don't have to be limited to what time of year you host your event when you want to include peonies. 

This guide will discuss all the different ways you can incorporate wood peony flowers into your flower arrangements. 

How to Prep Your Peony Wood Flower Stems

Before you get started on your arrangement or bouquet, you need to prep your stems and materials. Wood peony flowers come with just the blossoms. You'll need to attach Lata/Tail stem or a wire stem to the back before you get started on your project. 

Gather the following tools and materials together:

  • Floral tape
  • Wire cutters
  • Lata/Tail Stems, or Wire Stems
  • Glue gun

Cut your flower tape into 12" strips. Having it precut and gently adhered to the edge of your table will make getting your flowers ready a snap. You'll also need to prep whatever filler flowers and greenery you'll be using. 

Take one of your peony flowers and add a drop of hot glue to the back of it. Take one of your wire stems and twist it into the base. The stem will insert about 1/2" into the flower. 

You'll want to wrap the stem with floral tape. This makes it easier to handle and also disguises the wire. 

Wood Peony Floral Bouquet

Wood peony bouquets make a great addition to any wedding. You can use this type of bouquet for the following themes:

  • Rustic
  • Boho
  • Modern
  • Vintage

What's great about wood peony flowers is that not only are they available any time of the year but they can be dyed any color. Match your flowers to your color palette with ease. 

You'll need the following tools and materials to make a wood peony floral bouquet:

  • Eight to 10 wood peonies 
  • Six pieces of filler flower or greenery
  • Scissors
  • Floral tape
  • Ribbon

First, gather together three to four wood peonies. These will form the base of your bouquet. Secure this section with floral tape. 

Build on the pattern you created with your base by adding in pieces of filler flower or greenery, and the wood peonies. Once you're pleased with the arrangement and size, wrap the entire bouquet handle with floral tape. Trim the stems of your materials so they're the same length. 

Add a bit of floral adhesive to the floral tape right at the top. Adhere your ribbon and start wrapping. Wrap until there are about two inches of stem left showing on the bottom and adhere the ribbon with a corsage pin. 

Wooden Floral Arrangements 

There's a lot of flexibility when using wood peonies for your flower arrangements or centerpieces. They're so beautiful, just on their own, that you don't need to add a lot of other types of flowers to make your arrangements pop. 

Single Stem Wood Peony Arrangements 

For a simple design, explore a single stem arrangement. All you'll need are:

  • Scissors 
  • Small vases/glass jars
  • Wood peonies

You'll need the same amount of peonies as to how many vases you have. Depending upon how you're placing these arrangements, you can trim your peonies so they're the same height or various distinct heights. 

Measure the height that you want your tallest stem by holding one wood peony at the edge of a table next to your vase. Mark the height on the peony stem. That way, you'll know exactly where to cut. 

Once your flowers are cut, all you need to do is put an individual wood peony into your vase and you're done! Your flowers might be a bit wobbly depending upon the width of your vase opening. You can add a spot of glue to the bottom of your stem to make it more secure. 

Three Stem Arrangement With Greenery

For this type of arrangement, you'll need the same items as above with some faux greenery. Begin by filling your vases with a few springs of greenery. You want to start with sturdy greens so they can serve as a basket for the flowers you add. 

Measure your flowers the same way as we discussed before. Note down where you want your tallest wood peony to sit. Trim your other peonies accordingly. 

Your tallest flower is the first one that gets placed in your arrangement. Pop in your shortest blossom, moving it so it faces toward the front. Tuck in your remaining flowers around it, ensuring the shortest one takes center stage. 

Large Wood Peony Arrangement 

For a large wood peony arrangement, you'll need the following items:

  • Double-sided tape
  • Scissors
  • Large mouthed vase
  • 10-14 wood peonies

Cut strips of double-sided tape. Use the strips to create a grid across the top of your vase. This grid will help support your wood peony blossoms. 

Secure the tape grid with a piece of tape around the outside rim of the vase. Measure your wood peonies the same way we discussed before. Trim four wood peonies at the same height. 

Put one of those wood peonies in each corner of your vase. Free-hand cut the rest of your stems, making adjustments as you go along. Fill in the remaining holes in the grid until you're satisfied with the results. 

Explore Various Wood Peony Flower Arranging Ideas

Wood peonies are incredibly versatile and can be used in a variety of floral arrangements and bouquets. They're powerful blooms that make a big statement on their own. Utilize these gorgeous blossoms any time of year with our wood options. 

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