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Sola Bouquet vs. Traditional Bouquet: What's the Difference?

With the artificial flower market expected to increase by $369.08 million by 2025, you may have heard about sola wood flowers. If you're considering purchasing wooden flowers over real ones, you're in the right place!

Wooden flowers are a unique alternative to the traditional bouquet, and their versatility makes them a great option. Whether you plan to use them for a wedding or a Valentine's Day surprise, sola wood flower bouquets are sure to meet your needs.

In this article, we'll discuss the differences between a sola wood flower bouquet and a traditional bouquet.

What Is a Sola Bouquet?

A sola bouquet is a collection of wooden flowers made from the Shola plant. The Shola plant grows in rice paddies or waterlogged lands. The plant is abundant and easy to come by.

The wood that comes from the plant is naturally ivory, but it can be dyed in any color. Despite the typical tough association with wood, sola wood is lightweight and spongy. 

Each sola wood flower is handmade, making them unique and special. 

The Appearance of Sola Bouquets vs Traditional Bouquets

While some people claim that Sola Bouquets don't look like real flowers, it all depends on how you dye and arrange your bouquet! Sola bouquet arrangements can look very realistic, especially from a distance or in pictures.

In contrast to a traditional bouquet, a sola wood bouquet allows you to choose exactly how you want your bouquet to look. You have the ability to decide which flowers go where and exactly what style of flowers you want to include. Unlike traditional bouquets, Sola wood flowers can be dyed any color you like!

What About the Smell of the Flowers?

Traditional bouquets are known for their fragrant smell. Many people choose their flowers based on scent, and some may be deterred from sola bouquets due to the lack of fragrance.

However, some flowers may trigger allergies, leading to discomfort for you and your guests. With sola bouquets, you're in control of what you smell throughout your event. 

Many people like to add scents to their sola party bouquets. You can do so by applying oil-based scents to the center of the petals or at the back of the flower. Depending on the scent's concentration, your flowers will smell nice for several months!

The Cost of a Sola Bouquet vs Traditional Bouquets

On average, couples spend between $2,000 to $3,500 on wedding florals. This number constitutes roughly 10% of most wedding budgets! 

With traditional flowers, the price per flower will vary. The cost may fluctuate based on if the flowers are in season, how much effort is put into keeping them alive, and the overall quality of the flower.

At Luv Sola Wood Flowers, you can purchase an assortment of 100 flowers for as low as $29.99! By buying sola wood flowers, you'll save money and receive a product that won't die within a week of purchase. 

The cost of sola bouquets does increase a bit if you want your flowers pre-arranged. However, it's easy to DIY your sola wood flower bouquet. Grab a few friends, make a plan, and create the perfect bouquet for your next event! 

The Lifespan of Traditional Flowers

Did you know that the average flower begins to decline as soon as it's cut? This means that within a couple of hours, the flowers will begin to wilt and lose their beauty. While not entirely impossible, it's unlikely that you'll pause your event to give your wilting flowers the water and care they need.

Meanwhile, sola flowers are made of wood, so you don't have to worry about keeping them alive! Your sola bouquet will last a lifetime. 

The Diversity of Your Bouquet

If you're planning a wedding, you have a set date when you need flowers. Sadly, traditional flowers are seasonal, so you'll have to match the flower to the time of year. Gone are your hopes of having a hydrangea bouquet at your summer wedding!

Traditional flowers are also sensitive to temperature. You'll need to consider this if you're planning an outdoor wedding. Gardenias, for example, will wilt if exposed to the hot sun, leaving you with a wilted wedding bouquet before you even walk down the aisle.

With a sola wedding bouquet, you don't need to worry about choosing a specific flower type. Because each flower is handmade, you'll have the freedom to choose what style you want your flowers made in. You no longer have to fear outside factors ruining your bouquet!

A wooden bouquet comes in many different assortments with flowers in all styles and sizes. Choose a structured bouquet or a random assortment to achieve the floral aesthetic of your dreams!

Eco-Friendliness: Sola Flowers vs. Real Flowers

At first, natural flowers may seem to be the most eco-friendly option. However, when you consider the source of the flowers, you'll realize that they're not all that great for the environment! 

Many flowers used in traditional bouquets are covered in pesticides. These toxins are bad for the environment and the people handling them. In addition, they often use excessive plastic for packaging and questionable labor practices. 

Sola flowers are far more eco-friendly. They're handmade from the inside of the Shola plant, and they don't require any machinery to create. They're also 100% biodegradable and made from sustainable material.

If your goal is to be environmentally conscious, a wooden bouquet is the way to go.

Purchase Your Sola Wood Flower Bouquet Today

With your new understanding of the different bouquet types, you can confidently purchase sola flowers and create the bouquet of your dreams. When you buy sola flowers from Luv Sola Flowers, you guarantee that your flowers will stay beautiful and look exactly like you want them to. 

Your event should be special and stress-free. Remove one more stressful piece from the equation by buying flowers that will last you a lifetime.

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