sola wood flowers reviews

Sola Wood Flowers Reviews

Flowers are unique gifts and decorations, but they're unfortunately not very long-lasting. Cut flowers are dead within a week and can begin withering much quicker than that. This sadly makes flowers a very short-term gift that serves more as a joy of receiving a gift than one you can actually use.

However, you may have spotted a few sola wood flowers reviews by now as they grow more and more popular. If you've found yourself curious about these long-lasting wooden flowers, we're here to help. Read on for some more information on this new trendy decoration.

What Is Sola Wood?

Sola wood relates to wood from several different types of plants –the flowering sola plant (aeschynomene aspera), to be specific. There are a few other plants that sola wood is commonly harvested from, such as some types of castor oil plants, poinsettias, cassava, manioc, arrowroot, and even yucca.

Sola wood flowers are made from the sola plant, and each sola wood flower is handmade. As a result, these sola wood flowers are long-lasting, sturdy, and also drought-resistant. That means your decorations will be able to withstand quite a bit of time before you notice much aging, in contrast to flowers that will wilt within 24 hours of cutting.


Did you know that pollen allergy is one of the most common allergies in the world? The United States alone has more than 25,000,000 Americans with a pollen allergy. That's three times the population of the massive metropolis of New York City.

While most of the pollen that agitates the sinuses is in grasses and trees, flowers certainly contribute. This pollen can circulate through your air conditioning vents in a closed-in area like your home. Someone with a pollen allergy will find themselves constantly agitated by the pollen.

Sola wood flowers, being made of wood, give off no pollen. So they're perfect for a person with allergies who wants long-lasting decoration without any irritation.

Significantly Cheaper Than Real Flowers  

Flowers are far from cheap, especially if you're buying a sizable bouquet of exotic blooms. 

However, if you want to keep a flower decorative piece going, you'll be buying those flowers over and over. Sola wood flowers are a single purchase that will only need to be replaced if lost or accidentally broken. That makes them a significantly cheaper option in the long-term, helping your wallet stay nice and healthy.

Environmentally Friendly

Flower gardens are good for the environment. They help bees and ecosystems, enrich the soil, and have many other benefits. But picked flowers placed in a vase for a decorative centerpiece don't share those benefits.

Instead, you'll be needing to use up water to keep these blooms alive for longer. This will only manage to prolong their wilting and death, forcing you to change their water every two days and even add ingredients like vinegar to keep the flowers safe.

This can all have a considerable environmental impact, especially during times of drought. Sola wood flowers require no such care - if anything, you may want to dust them when you're cleaning through the home. Sola wood flowers are great for the environment and easy to care for.

Long-Lasting Centerpiece

Sola wood is incredibly drought resistant, as well as being sturdy wood. However, they aren't entirely unbreakable, and you'll want to handle them with some care to prevent the decorative stems or petals from snapping. Still, they're going to last much, much longer than the average flower.

This helps to keep your decorative theme going for more than a week. So rather than having a lovely centerpiece of soon-to-wilt blooms, you'll have an excellent long-term decoration that lasts for years. In fact, if you don't break or lose them, they'll last forever.

sola wood flowers reviews

Diverse and Versatile Decorations

Many flowers have to be matched with specific decorations and holidays. For example, using sunflowers and poinsettias to decorate a Halloween-themed room is a contrast that most people would be a bit surprised to see.

Those who know the language of flowers and their symbolism will notice such things; you wouldn't want to bring chrysanthemum blooms to a birthday.

Sola wood flowers, however, give no such complications. These diverse flowers can be used for any occasion and only have a meaning related to the flower they're carved into. That means you can choose something that fits your purpose - everlasting lilacs and hyacinths for the family living room, for example.

The only true meaning of them is related to their extreme longevity. This can make them an excellent choice to carve flowers that are related to love or a union. The natural color is ivory, but they can be dyed any color.

Anything that you can think of as far as flowers go, a sola wood flower can do with ease. These hand-carved blooms are incredibly versatile and as diverse as you can think to make them. Best of all, you won't have to worry about refreshing them or switching them up due to their long life.

Find Sola Wood Flowers Reviews

Now that you know all the great reasons to use wood flowers over traditional flowers, seek out the best quality product. Read through some sola wood flowers reviews online to ensure that you're getting high-quality flowers instead of something brittle and poorly constructed.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us. Don't forget to read through our informative blog for more information as well.

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