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What Are the Different Types of Sola Wood Flower Bouquet?

Flowers are not only beautiful to look at, but they have incredible mental health benefits such as boosting creativity and brightening your mood.

However, the flower industry makes around $55 billion annually, and not every flower that is picked is ethically sourced. So, people are searching for alternatives that do not harm the environment, but still look pretty...

Have you heard of sola flowers? Well, if you are concerned about the environmental effects of fresh-cut flowers then this might be the solution for you. 

A sola wood flower bouquet is the new, sustainable approach to flower arrangements that will amaze you with their realistic quality! 

You can hardly tell the difference. 

Interested in finding out more? Then, keep reading!

Benefits of a Sola Wood Flower Bouquet

Sola flowers are made from the marshy Shola plant. This type of flower design has become a huge trend in recent years and there's a reason for it...

Not only are they cheaper than real flowers, but they are more sustainable and make wonderful wood flower arrangements! 

But, how is wood made into flowers? 

First, the wood of the stem of the Shola plant is harvested. Then, it is made into flowers by artisans. This is easy to do because the wood is lightweight and easily morphed into different shapes. 

However, every petal is like a work of art. So, it has even more meaning and is twice as unique as a fresh flower. 

Plus, you can get any style you want on sola flower arrangements. 

As well as this, they can last a lifetime. Unlike fresh flowers that you need to throw out when they get old and dry, with sola wood bouquets you can keep them forever.

All you need to do is keep them in a dry, cool area ideally in an open container. You might also want to avoid sunlight or their color might start to fade. 

Different Types of Sola Flower Bouquets

Now, that you know about sola flowers and their magical qualities you might be wondering, how can you use a sola flower bouquet? 

Sola flower bouquets can be used in lots of different ways. They are extremely versatile and can also be used in any season! 

What could be better, right?

Wedding Bouquet

Every special wedding day deserves a great bouquet. They can be used for bridesmaids or as centerpieces at a wedding dinner. 

However, the options don't stop there...

Do you need flowers for the aisle in the church or venue? Would you like a backdrop of flowers for a photo booth? Or, do you want the perfect bouquet for your center table? 

Then, a sola wood flower bouquet is ideal.

sola wood flower bouquet

Gift Bouquet

When the time comes that one of your friends is having a birthday party, or you want to gift a family member with a lovely flower bouquet then why not try something different...

You'll be guaranteed to impress them and make them smile with this unique present. Also, they will be able to hold onto them forever!

Party Bouquet

Events require lots of planning such as food, guests lists, and most importantly decor. By adding sola flowers to the decoration you will add some color and personality to the room. 

As well as this, you can inspire others to choose eco-friendly flower options for their own events. 

Home Bouquet

It is nice to treat ourselves to some flowers occasionally, isn't it? 

Well, the next time you feel like adding some color and buying yourself a bouquet you should pick a sola flower arrangement. 

Craft Bouquet

If you are someone who likes to do crafts with flowers and are looking for an alternative to fresh flowers, then you can try working with sola flowers. Their malleable quality allows you to make hundreds of different designs.

They look spectacular as a wall decoration in your living room, or on top of a cabinet in your bedroom. 

Fashion Bouquet

Flowers add a fantastic touch to any outfit for an important event. Sola wood flowers look great as earrings, necklaces, or bracelets. They can also be more personalized than other jewelry.

Therefore, a sola flower bouquet doesn't need to be over the top. It can be simple and understated like a corsage or piece of jewelry. 

Holiday Bouquet

A sola flowers bouquet makes for excellent wreaths at Christmas time. In fact, they are ideal for people that want to decorate for winter but don't want to invest in new decorations every year. 

Everyone gets stressed planning gifts, meals, and events at the end of the year so purchasing a sola flower bouquet eliminates one thing off your to-do list. It also adds a festive look to your home. 

Not only this, but they look much better than artificial wreaths because of their natural material and customized design. 

No matter what bouquet you pick, the best thing about sola flower displays is that they are low maintenance which means you don't need to cut them regularly. 

You won't need to worry about changing weather, making sure they get enough water or leaving them alone for too long...

Sola flowers provide all the benefits of fresh flowers without any of the hassles. Including, potential allergies that prevent you from keeping flowers. 

In order to find the right bouquet, you need a company that knows how to deliver wonderful designs. Thankfully, Luv Sola Flowers is one of the best. 

We are a small family business that values professionalism and high quality, so you will not be disappointed!

Flowers Made With Love

A sola wood flower bouquet is not just about design. When you decide to decorate or gift someone with a sola flower bouquet, you are contributing to a more ethical and sustainable approach to flower design. 

Luv Sola Flowers is passionate about enriching people's lives with sola flowers and is ready to help sprinkle some magic into your life with our marvelous collection of sola wood flowers! 

Don't wait any longer, get in touch today to find your perfect sola flower display!

You won't regret it.

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