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Top 10 DIY Projects with Sola Wood Flowers

Are you new to this craft? Or maybe you do not know what types of arrangements to create in the future? Then this is the perfect article for you. You will find the 10 DIY projects that you can start with sola wood flowers. They are perfect for both beginners and those that have experience in the field. If you already made some of them and want to try something new, then you can try the rest.

Below you will find the links to the video tutorials that will show you how to make all the arrangements. And all you have to do is follow the steps. On our channel, you can also find more interesting videos that you can watch to learn many new things about the craft. And once you get the experience you can also adapt the arrangements based on your tastes and preferences. We also promise that all our tutorials are simple and easy to follow.

  1. A Heart Board

The first type of arrangement on the list is recommended for beginners. It does not require any advanced technique and can be made by anyone. All you need is some patience and a love for the craft. The beauty of a flower heart hanging on a wall can be used to decorate any room in your house. And you can also adapt it to fit the theme of the room.

Make your own heart board by following this video: Layered Heart Board.

  1. A Mason Jar Bouquet

Another easy to understand and create an arrangement that you can start anytime. And it is also a very versatile decoration that you can use for many different purposes. You can either use it in your own house, or you can use it as a table decoration for events.      

You can create the perfect mason jar bouquet by following the steps in the video. Mason Jar Bouquets.

  1. Oil Diffusers 

Oil diffusers are already very common. And more and more people use them in their homes. But you can also upgrade them. Create your own decorations that combine the wonderful smell of the diffusers with the beauty of the sola wood flowers.      

So, make sure to follow the video properly while creating them. Oil Diffusers & Sola Wood Flowers.

  1. Candle Topper 

Are you a fan of candles? Maybe you love them for the smells but now they can be a part of your decor. It was a surprise for us that this type of decoration has massive popularity. From all the tutorials we made, this is the most popular one. So, the chances are that you may be interested in it as well.

Make a perfect home decoration from any normal candle. Candle Topper.

  1. Centerpiece Box 

Most people that have an understanding of this type of decoration may have the wrong impression that it is extremely difficult to create. But that is not true. It is actually a relatively easy arrangement to create. You will surely be surprised after you watch the tutorial we made. It is a wonderful decoration for any home. And similar to other decorations, you can adapt them based on the colors and other decorations in your house.

The perfect decoration for any house. Centerpiece Arrangement.

  1. Book Stack 

Compared with the other tutorials on this list, this one is more niche. For those that are passionate about both books and sola flower decorations, then it is the perfect arrangement they should make. You can use books that are special to you or just decorative ones. You can find every step in the tutorial, and you can make your own book stack arrangement in no time.

Create the decoration made from bookcases and sola flowers by following our tutorial: Book Stack.

  1. What Sounds Easier Than a 10-Minute Bouquet?? 

Bouquets are used in not only weddings, but also for special occasions and home decor. Many of our clients think that making bouquets is difficult, but here we show you how quick and easy it can be!

Make the fastest arrangement on this list, the bouquet: 10 Minute Bouquet.

Luv Sola Flowers - Sola Wood Flowers

  1. Hair Pins

Who said that sola flower decorations can only be used to decorate rooms or venues? You can also create accessories that you can wear. In the tutorial below, you can find how to make personalized hairpins using sola flowers. The complexity of these arrangements is not high, and you can even simply do it if you only want small pieces.

Stop using sola only for decorations. Wear it as well! Hair Comb and Bobby Pins.

  1. Shadow Boxes

This is another type of arrangement that is the perfect fit for beginners.  It is a fully customizable wall piece that you can use to decorate your house. Even use your sola bouquet to keep as a memory! And it is also very easy to adapt this type of arrangement to any style or theme. So, you can start your own style through this project.

The simplest way to decorate your walls! Shadow Boxes.

  1. A Wreath

Do you want a decoration that will leave a first impression for any visitor? Then this is the project that you want to start next. A simple wreath can be wonderfully decorated to create an incredible arrangement that will steal the glances of every visitor you will have in the future.

The perfect way to leave an unforgettable first impression to your guests Wreath Alternative.

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