Tips For the Sola Business

Tips For the Sola Business

Owning a small business is tough. Plain and simple - being an entrepreneur is a journey with exhilarating ups and "take your breath away" downs. Starting a sola wood flower business isn't easy, but if you take your time to build slow and steady, using wise marketing strategies and social media, you can become profitable and successful.

Whether you decide to focus on using wood flowers for home decor or if you move to brides, creating bouquets of wooden wedding flowers, there can be a place for you in the sola flower market. Don't get frustrated with the process, but rather consider creative ideas on how to grow.

Here are some tips we've put together after becoming successful and profitable fairly quickly in the field.

1. Find a supplier you trust - Luv Sola Flowers is dedicated to their customers. We are always listening, we care deeply, and we fight hard to exceed your expectations. High quality product with fast shipping times is our mantra. AND we have a community group to support you along the way. We take your trust in us very seriously!

2. Get a wholesale account - the cheaper your supplies, the larger your profit margin

3. Find your niche - be excellent at all things and the best at one. Find where you shine and capitalize on it

4. High quality photos are important. Look into stylized shoots if possible

5. Connect to your customer - through social media, marketing, and face-to-face encounters

6. Buy in bulk discount and reinvest your profits until you have some stock. Once you have the supplies to dive in, be wise about pricing, focus on custom if it's possible, and create neutral items that can fit in any home

7. Have a professional looking website and interactive social media platforms

8. Build a network - surround yourself with the right people. Any other business owner, customer, or bride you meet has the potential to be able to offer SOMETHING to you. Make connections and build a networking community

9. Be self aware - allow criticism to push you to be better, rather than bringing you down. Know your weaknesses and work hard to change those. Never stop growing. Educate yourself, learn your craft in a deeper way, and allow others to speak truth to you without being defensive

10. If you have partners or employees, make sure they feel valued and appreciated. I love to speak life words to those I work with

Encouragement, appreciation, support, and comradery goes a long way. Build each other up with words of affirmation.  Starting and growing your sola business may not be easy, but it can be worth it. With passion and hard work, you can find yourself successful and profitable.

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The best tip of all and a frequently asked question is about pricing. How do you price your work? Is there a simple way to figure it?

Linda Barrett

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