Let me start out by being completely honest. I'm a loner. I love to be alone - in the quiet, in my thoughts, all by my wee lonesome. I love to think and analyze and create and design. And I love to do it ALL ALONE. I like to work alone, eat alone, sleep alone - anything really - I like to do alone. I adore my children and when I say alone, it often means with them, but me alone with them.

Am I the only one?? I mean, I've been called anti-social, an introvert, distant, closed. But really, sincerely, I just love being alone.

Positives of being alone? Peace and quiet, control, no drama, no fighting, complete comfort, and the ability to make all my own decisions. Oh, I bask in the idea of being alone. Come on, introverts unite!

Being alone has often been my ultimate goal. Until.... Until I had a community. Well, that just dashed my hopes and dreams of living my best life alone.

You know what I realized? That although things are easy when I'm alone, my soul thirsts after community. It was a thirst I didn't even know I had. Ever go a long time without drinking and the only time you realized you were thirsty was when you took your first sip of a drink? Then you guzzle and guzzle because, man, does that drink quench a deep thirst you didn't even know you had.

I thought I was happy alone, but community infiltrated my life and flipped it upside down.

Everyone has heard "Find your tribe. Love them hard." Friends - love them hard. Do things that require sacrifice, giving up alone time, letting go of personal space, and putting yourself out there. This world shouldn't be about competition - it's about rising to the top with a tribe by your side.

It's about teaching and learning. It's about pushing and growing. Opening yourself up may mean you get hurt sometimes, but it's the only chance to do life with a real community who knows you... Really knows you. And you may not know it, but your soul is thirsty for it.

Find your community. Find your tribe. Find the drink that soothes your soul. We hope you find that here with our Luv Sola Flowers community because you matter to us!

Don't just find your tribe, realize you can't live without it.

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I grew up in a large noisy family, married young and had kids eventually I got my BSN and spent 25 years working in a chaotic Emergency Room. I found myself cacooning and found solace in being quiet and alone in my thoughts. Until I stumbled into this tribe. I love the support and minimal drama of this group. Dana I have watched you blossom and gain confidence while you remain humble. Thank you for sharing yourself with all of this.

Kathleen Grassinger

This is soooo beautifully written, Dana! I love your analogy of quenching your thirst with our tribe! You are an amazing writer and I love how you view life! ( : Just beautiful! ( :

Tracy Riordan

Exactly! Right now my hubby and daughter are down at the state fair. They won’t be back until Wednesday. I’m loving the peace and quiet of what alone is…but I’m glad that I have my tribe, one click away💗

Gina Fisher

So well written. You strike a cord Dana. I too am a loner and crave it. We call it homebodies here, we love to stay home together. But I do crave alone time and the quite to read if I want or craft if I want. Sola has given me a group of creative people to connect with. I hope to make a retreat eventually, something for me. Thank you for your grace.


I am also a “loner” I have one very close friend. And many acquaintances, I love my husband and we spend most days together. (We work together taking care of livestock in the mornings then he goes to his regular job and i finish. But I crave alone. I grew up with chaos and have found a lot of peace doing things alone. But I Love this Sola group! I generally do not post much other than shares of quotes on social media but this group is positive and encouraging. Dana you are awesome! Although we don’t know each other I feel connected through your perspective one things.


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