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The Bride's Guide to Dried Baby's Breath

Did you know that around 1.2 million American couples tie the knot each year? If you're part of these statistics, congratulations. The prospect of a lifetime with the one you love most is something to celebrate in style.

This means having the perfect wedding before kicking off your beautiful new life together. Choosing a bouquet for your wedding is one of the most challenging parts of it, but choosing flowers that look great is easier than ever before with dried floral options. Read on to learn about dried baby's breath and why it's the ideal base for every bouquet you can think of.

What Is Dried Baby's Breath?

Baby's breath, also known as gypsophila, is a type of flowering plant that belongs to the same family as carnations. It's a small flowering vine covered in extremely small flowers that lay near one another on a branch or vine. These flowers have five petals and have the same detail and scale as other flower types do - they simply are tiny.

Dried baby's breath is ideal for those who want a base filler for a wedding bouquet. The fact that it's been dried means that it will not die or dry up on its own. Instead, the shape and style of your bouquet will be maintained both throughout your wedding and after it takes place.

Unlike sola wood flowers - another integral part of a wedding bouquet - dried baby's breath is grown naturally. However, to give you more possibilities, we offer it in different colors to fit the color and decor schemes of your wedding.

While the natural-grown plant traditionally comes with white or light pink flowers, we offer a much wider variety of hues. You can choose from these shades as well as blue, yellow, green, and more.

What Makes This Flower a Great Choice for Weddings?

The first reason that baby's breath is amazing for weddings is that it fits well into bouquets as a filler. The flowers are small and they can fit into a larger arrangement anywhere. This eliminates white space within your bouquet and ensures that it looks as amazing as possible for both photos and posterity.

Dried baby's breath is also generally considered to be an affordable option for brides. Weddings are extremely expensive overall and saving money on your bouquet is a great way to cut back on costs. Since you can get this filler for a low price, it's a perfect choice.

Another reason that you need to use baby's breath in your wedding arrangement is that it symbolizes love. Specifically, the flower has taken on the meaning of everlasting and undying bonds such as those people at weddings are celebrating.

Baby's breath takes on many other meanings as well, including the ability to stay focused on love with self-discipline. It also showcases a value for freedom and purity, which makes sense considering that it matches a traditional white bridal dress.

Some people also use baby's breath to celebrate the birth of a newborn. If you're hoping to start a family soon, this is another fun meaning! If not, that also is awesome - the flower still takes on so many applicable meanings.

Premade Bouquets vs Handmade Alternatives

Many brides choose to purchase their bouquets as pre-made arrangements. While this may make sense in principle, it usually is far less practical than it sounds. Bouquets can cost hundreds of dollars and you don't get to choose exactly what they look like in most cases.

Additionally, premade bouquets usually come in fresh-cut options that wither and die. While the idea of fresh flowers sounds nice, it isn't fun when your hundred-dollar bouquet dies. You won't be able to keep it forever and, even worse, it may not appear fresh at the wedding.

A handmade wedding bouquet is affordable and easy to love. You can order sola wood flowers in bulk and arrange the different types in an array that you love. You can dye them into any color you want, and make a fun experience with your loved ones, and use the dried baby's breath as a filler.

This will let you create the bouquet of your dreams and have fun while doing it. Since wooden flowers look just like the real thing and last forever, just like your dried baby's breath will, handmade bouquets are the ideal choice for all brides.

How to Include Dried Baby's Breath in Your Bouquet

Since dried baby's breath is a bouquet filler, there's no single correct way to use it. However, most brides tend to rip it into smaller pieces and put them in areas of the bouquet where no other flowers are present. Pull your baby's breath apart into smaller sections and place it in the bouquet for volume and texture.

Make sure that you purchase dried baby's breath in the appropriate color for your bouquet. A blue-themed wedding may have blue sola flowers, in which case classic white baby's breath will prevent it from matching too much and looking off. However, if you have white wood flowers in your bouquet, consider blue baby's breath to match the rest of your wedding theme.

You also may want to use baby's breath in other arrangements around your wedding and reception space. This will create a cohesive aesthetic across the board and ensure that all of your wedding photos look perfect.

Start Planning Your Wedding Aesthetic Today

While planning a wedding can be a stressful experience, you can make it easier by selecting the right flowers. You'll want something beautiful to symbolize your love and commitment. Don't wait too long to make your selection - decide what you want your bouquet to look like and start shopping ASAP.

Now that you know why dried baby's breath is the perfect choice for weddings, it's time to incorporate it into your flowers and decor scheme. To get more inspiration, join our Facebook VIP Group, and check out our video library on our YouTube Channel.

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