Fall is in full swing and many of you are making sola wood arrangements with all the sweet colors and textures of the new season. Autumn brides with wooden wedding flowers in rich bold colors, sola wood flowers stand out amongst the changing leaves. Chill is in the air as we are about to enter the season of thankfulness.

Thanksgiving is not too far away and many are asked the question, "What are you thankful for?"

What ARE you thankful for? I know that all the good things in my life flood my mind immediately. My kids, my family, my friends, my church, my sola flower business, my sola community, Luv Sola Flowers, and so much more. And when you go around the table and everyone answers, most people declare the wonderful beautiful things that fill their lives.

This week though, I've been thinking: "How thankful are we for the bad things too?" I know it's not what comes to my mind first. But, what if pain, trials, hardships and suffering are what make those other things so much more beautiful? Struggle is never fun, but what if it is exactly what pushes you to be a better business owner. Loss is painful, but what if it's exactly the reason you hold your loved ones so much tighter.

Financial woes and burdensome bills - what if they teach you how to work harder, prioritize better and see what truly matters in life? Physical pain, mental health, emotional distress - what if these have some greater purpose in how you impact others' lives with your stories of endurance, persistence, and overcoming. What if all your setbacks just make your victories so much sweeter?

This Thanksgiving season, let's all try to be thankful for the good AND bad in our lives because they both shape us into who we are. Let's use the good AND bad to touch other people's lives. Be thankful for the rain, for a beautiful rainbow is on the horizon.

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Well said. Every day there is a balance to obtain in life. Good/bad. Ying/Yang. Thanks for encouraging us Dana!! 🌺

Janice Lynch

Wow…a message a message all should hear not just Sola women and Sola business owners. I , myself, am personally facing some very tiresome struggles and hard to be “thankful” for them . Reading this makes me want to try . Thank you for the encouragement.


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