One month ago today, Luv Sola Flowers and I announced our decision to work as a team. Some of you may be wondering how it all came about.

It was March of this year and my business was busier than ever. I knew I needed to be able to get a lot of flowers, with fast shipping times and amazing quality. In order for my business to remain successful, these three things were of utmost importance. 

I also always believe that building relationships is a key ingredient to building big successful businesses. When I was in search of a sola supplier, I knew I needed someone I trusted and clicked with - someone with integrity, along with business savvy.

I had previously heard of Luv Sola Flowers through other customers and mutual friends, but one day, as I was searching out a large number of flowers, I received a message from Krisvell letting me know that she had them in stock. We chatted for awhile and we connected as friends. Then I signed up for wholesale, made my first purchase and I was amazed. These were the best flowers I had ever received and in the fastest time. Our friendship grew and as I spoke with both Sultan and Krisvell, I knew they were good people who cared about their customers deeply.

We talked daily of ideas and dreams and plans. Sultan and I realized that the other had what each of us lacked. Sultan is a master businessman, amazing marketer, and all around numbers guy. He pays such close attention to detail and quality was the number one priority for him with his flowers. I lack business knowledge, but I connect. I communicate. I bond with my customers and followers. I have a unique ability to build community, without competition. So, with business on one side and connection on the other, it seemed like we needed each other. But what if we hated each other in real life?

We decided to test it out and I flew across the country from where I live in New Jersey out to Luv Sola Flowers in California. Good thing we didn't hate each other! Instead we realized that on our own, we had really great thriving businesses, but together we could be even better, stronger, more well-rounded. I mean, I could get sappy and say that we were puzzle pieces that just fit, but I'll leave the misty eyes for another day.

It's been exactly a month that we've teamed up, and things are going great! We love our customers and followers and are excited we can bring them more than we could when we were on our own. We are excited to see what our future holds as teammates /partners /world conquerors!

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