Stop and Smell the Roses

Stop and Smell the Roses

Hey there from Luv Sola Flowers! Life here is busy, hectic, rushed and sometimes there are not enough hours in the day. Can anyone relate?? Anyone bogged down with work projects, studying, trying to travel up the corporate ladder? Or maybe it's runny noses, wiping tooshes, and the incessant "mom, mom, mom, mom, mom - I neeeeed you!"

These days, everyone is so busy, moving from one thing to the next, just trying to survive.  It's no different here at Luv Sola Flowers. Always something more we can do, more we can learn, time we need.

Walk into our warehouse and you are surrounded by flowers on every side. But, when was the last time we stopped and smelled the metaphorical roses. Even in the midst of wooden roses, it's so hard to stop and see the beauty that surrounds us. All the noise, obligations, and constant fight to keep balance between work, family, and personal growth often distracts us from seeing the beauty amongst the weeds and thorns life throws at us. Can any of you feel this??

Anyone else having trouble seeing the beautiful gardens because the weeds have grown too high? We started this blog for you to journey along with us as we try to take a moment to appreciate the beauty we can find in each day if we just give ourselves the time to see it.

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Dana, I can so relate. Working full time nights ( 12 hour) as a nurse, sometimes I live for those days off, just to sleep them away. Stopping to smell the roses isnt always a priority. I forget to enjoy the simple beauty around me…beauty in nature, my lovely family, music, art and yes crafting. I left it by the wayside. Finding sola flowers, being asked to do my daughters wedding florals and being inspired by so much talent, has given me a new lease on life and Im excited to feed the artistic side of my spirit! God bless!

Gaye Lynn

Live can so tangle you up in the weeds. Thanks for being our “weed-eater” :)

Christina Zappa

Even though i am retired, I struggle with “busyness”! I find I am doing good things, but not always taking the time to appreciate them! I am trying to begin each day with a quiet time with God, but that sometimes becomes a struggle too because of my “to do” list for the day! Thanks for the reminder to look beyond the task at hand, enjoy the journey…..even though it’s sometimes at break neck speed!

Sharon Laster

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