Let me start by sharing that I'm NOT a risk taker. I like safety nets, 5-point harnesses, feet on the ground, comfort zone areas. I like familiar, things I know I'm good at, the back of my hand type knowledge.

But, I've learned over the years to really push myself. I've lived overseas, learned a second language, traveled the world, taken opportunities that I never could have dreamed up, started this crazy sola business, partnered up with amazing Luv Sola Flowers and so much more! It's scary, it's not natural, but it's become easier. Every time I push myself, I find it a little more exciting even. When I push myself to the limits, I see all I can be.

Are you like me? Why not see what your greatest potential is? Do something that you aren't confident in, try something new, begin something you don't even know how to do yet.

This month we ran a Halloween bouquet contest using our sola flowers. Our wood flowers can be used to create all different styles - anything your imagination can dream up!

Submissions came in this week and each sola wood flower bouquet blew me away! The designs, colors, textures, and talent were outstanding.

But, most of the sola bouquet makers weren't confident at first. Most were worried, most were uncomfortable, most struggled at some point, but all were pushed. This push made some of them see the talent inside of them they didn't even know they had.

So push yourself. Or ask a friend to push you. Don't let your potential sit unmet. Here are some things our contestants shared :

" One thing that I noticed is no matter the level whether beginner or pro each one of these bouquets belong here and each one took work and creativity and all have the chance to be the “winner”. Actually everyone that submitted won whether it was because you believed in your work enough to try or pushed yourself to step up and out of your comfort zone. I got in my head in the beginning asking myself why I am doing this then I didn’t think about anything but wanting to try my hand at creating something fun and I’m so glad I did. "

"I had such a hard time just starting because I was in my own head saying how horrible mine would be but I love it and I learned so much!"

"I have grown so much in this group and I feel like I have a connection with everyone where you wouldn’t feel insecure or less about yourself coz everyone lifts everyone!"

The sky's the limit, but only if you push!


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Definitely encouraged and needed to read this today!

Meredith Robb

PUSH!!! Thank you😎

Julie Sannicandro

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