Prepping Your Luv Sola Flowers

Prepping Your Luv Sola Flowers

Fluffing and reshaping flowers is a normal preparation for sola flowers. A spritz of water is all you need! Use your fingers to shape and they look perfect! If you are dyeing your flowers, just reshape at the same time.

Here's a video on some extra fluffing tips :

If you are using your sola for wooden wedding flowers or home decor arrangements, you will need to stem them afterwards. Drop of hot glue on your flower and an 18 Guage wire. Some flowers can be a little more tricky to stem, so check out this video to help:

After this prep, your flowers are ready to arrange, but if you are using greenery, you may need to stem that as well.

Take a look at our filler prep:

Prep is necessary and doing it ahead of time makes arranging much easier!
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