Oil Diffusers

Oil Diffusers

Oil Diffusers are a trendy and common way to fragrance your home or to use essential oils. Sola Wood Flowers are a perfect way to make oil diffusers a beautiful part of your home decor.

Here are the very simple steps to creating your own oil diffusers with our sola flowers.

Step 1: Purchase diffuser reeds. You can find them in home stores or Amazon

Step 2: Find your oil holder. It can be a glass bottle or ceramic container

Step 3: Choose your oils or fragrances. You can purchase already mixed fragrance oils, you can mix and dilute your own, or you can choose essential oils and mix them with a carrier oil or water

Step 4: Choose which wood flowers you want to use. For smaller diffusers, use 1 to 2 inch flowers

Step 5: Assemble - fill container with oil mixture, insert reeds into the sola flowers WITHOUT glue, arrange the flowers in the diffuser container. 

Check out our video tutorial : Click Here


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