Navigating Your Way Through Craft Shows

November 11, 2019 2 Comments

Navigating Your Way Through Craft Shows

Once you become a small sola wood flower business owner, craft shows and vendor events may be a place you want to showcase your wood flower pieces. Sola flowers are becoming more known, but there's a whole world of people out there who don't even know they exist. Not only can these shows bring sola wood flower awareness, but also get your name out!

Navigating craft shows and vendor events can be tricky! I'm hoping to share some tips to help you get started and give you confidence to dive in. Here are some bullet points to jot down as you prepare.

- Choose your events wisely, especially if a table costs you. Make sure you know how much traffic, other vendors, good location, expected weather, and how it will be marketed

- Make sure your signs are big and clear to draw people in. Be sure to have it visible that the flowers are wood

- Set up and display are important. Make sure you have height, display boxes, hangers, etc.. to bring your table a professional and artistic presentation. Make sure items are all able to be seen, priced clearly, and flow

- Carry all price ranges. Oftentimes, cheaper items sell quicker. Have a range so everyone can find something in their budget

- Stick with neutrals and seasonal items

- Bring enough items for the amount of foot traction you expect

- Have samples of loose sola flowers for people to touch and feel

- If you also do weddings, make sure to have samples of bouquets, wedding accessories and all wooden wedding flower possibilities

- Take customer information so that you can follow-up

- Never go alone! Have someone who can sell and take money, while you interact with the guests

- Have multiple forms of payment options, not just cash

- Carry a bag of supplies in case you need to fix something up

- Package and transport wisely. Bins and bubble wrap are your friend

- Bring business cards, flyers, price sheets and photo albums of previous work

- Market, market, market! Use social media, email, and word of mouth to spread that you will be at the show

Hopefully these tips will help you on your way to navigating craft shows and vendor events. You learn and grow with each event under your belt. Never get discouraged! Take your lessons and press on.

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Sue Ella Ferguson
Sue Ella Ferguson

November 11, 2019

Great tips!


November 11, 2019

I would also add … bring a few small items to work on during down times. This will draw customers in as well and give you an opportunity to not only talk about the wood flowers, offer them a chance to look and feel them, but also emphasize the fact that all your products are handmade!!! I’ve had many customers come buy from me because my stuff was handmade and not made overseas like so much other stuff at craft shows.

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