More Than Just Your Supplier

November 04, 2019 1 Comment

More Than Just Your Supplier

Here at Luv Sola Flowers, we are committed to being more than just your supplier - we also want to be your community, biggest cheerleader, and support system. We want to see you succeed if you are a small business using our sola flowers in your arrangements or if you are a bride who has chosen wooden wedding flowers. Or maybe you are just a hobbyist who uses our wood flowers to test your creative side now and then. Whatever it is, we like to see all of your creations come to life using our sola wood flowers.

Last month Luv Sola Flowers and Cascade Queen Designs put on a Halloween Bouquet Contest. We received 27 entries and the talent blew us away! So much creativity, design, and hard work went into each piece.

To join the contest, contestants purchased a kit with specially chosen wood flowers and fillers from Then they let their minds run wild and formed these beautiful masterpieces. They sent in photos and voting began.

Our insiders community group was the first to vote. From this group, we went from 27 bouquets to our top 5. The top five bouquets are featured here.

The top 5 bouquets were then brought to the Cascade Queen Designs business page to get down to the top 3! The top 3 contestants were Anneliese Walton with Always in Bloom, Cassey Ensminger with Rustic Barn Blossoms, and Amanda LeBeau with Wood in Bloom. Each bouquet had a different look, but equal talent.

The final 3 moved on to the Luv Sola Flowers business page where the winner was selected! Congrats Anneliese on your amazing accomplishment! Anneliese will be featured alongside Cascade Queen Designs in a famous bridal blog, Emmaline, as well as gift card prizes for the top 3.

We are so proud of all 27 contestants. We look forward to holding more contests, so we can help push you to your fullest potential.

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Pamela Lowrey Pogue
Pamela Lowrey Pogue

November 04, 2019

Simply GORGEOUS Designs! Congratulations Ladies!!πŸ‘πŸ’žπŸŒ·

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