Making Your Sola Perfect

Making Your Sola Perfect

Do you know the journey of our sola wood flowers? It starts with cutting thin sheets of wood from the Shola plant. Then the crafter carefully creates each petal, molds them, then ties them to create a beautiful wood flower. Natural, organic, hand-crafted.

Next it's packed with many other beautiful styles and designs into a large container and ships by boat until it reaches the warehouse. Traveling overseas, containers filled with flowers ready to be wooden wedding flowers or home decor.

Here at Luv Sola Flowers, quality is the most important factor for us. We carefully inspect each one before packing them up. As we look down at the flower in our hands and decide if it passes quality control or not, we always choose the very best.

Let us be honest - there are no single "perfect" flowers that come to us. Yes, we choose the very best, but still, these flowers are exactly how they are because of the journey they took. Although there are no perfect flowers, there are many things you can do right in your home to make them perfect!

If your flowers get a little smooshed in their journey or if you want to reshape them, just a little fluffing will do the job! Check out our video on how to fluff your flowers: Fluffing Flowers

Some sola flowers have very thin delicate petals. This may create some breakage, but it is very simple to pluck those petals right out! Check out our video on how to pluck petals: Plucking Petals 

Some petals do not need to be completely plucked out, they can be easily trimmed to perfection. Check out our video on trimming petals: Trimming Petals

There are sola wood flowers that have curled edges and can not be completely saturated with water, or they may uncurl. Check out our video on how to fluff curled flowers: Fluffing Curled Flowers

We hope that you embrace the natural, authentic, handmade beauty in which our sola flowers arrive. With just a few minutes, each flower can be LUVED into tip-top shape! 

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