Luv Sola Flowers Holiday Toolbelt

November 18, 2019

Luv Sola Flowers Holiday Toolbelt

Holiday time is upon us! Time for sparkle, glamor, and over-the-top designs. Or maybe traditional, subtle, "childhood memory" type arrangements. Holiday season brings out the opportunity to be creative and pull out all the stops.

Join us in a look at some Luv Sola Flowers must-haves for the season.

When it comes to sola flowers, there are some staples to have around for holiday arrangements. These wood flowers are perfect for the winter look. The most obvious holiday flower is the Poinsettia. These can be left raw or dyed red, pink, gold or more! Roses are another obvious winter flower. Luv Sola Flowers has many options of roses and are perfect for the elegance of the holiday. Some other flowers to stock up on are Beli, Milkyway, Star, Ramona, Josephine and White Water. These styles bring the beauty of Christmas to your pieces.

Luv Sola Flowers

Fillers and greeneries are also essential in your holiday toolbelt. Whether you are making home decor or wooden wedding flower bouquets, fillers bring the whole theme together.

Two main fillers you should incorporate into your holiday collection are Princess Pine and Juniper. Princess pine comes in many colors and is the perfect evergreen holiday look. Juniper, which has a holiday fragrance as well, has winter wonderland written all over it! Beautiful berries that come on the stems are the perfect touch. Caspia and Baby's Breath in multiple holiday colors, Canela, and Burgundy Willow Eucalyptus all have a place as well. Preserved Salal, Leather Fern and Spiral Eucalyptus are perfect greens for your holiday pieces. For a fun touch of sparkle, spray Baby's Breath with a glitter spray. The combinations are endless!

Stock up and create the magic! We can't wait to see all of your beautiful holiday decorations.

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