"I Do"

"I Do"

With wedding season in full swing, the words "I do" are heard over and over.

"I. Do." Two words. So much meaning. "I do" - let's break it down. Definition of "I": "the one who is speaking." Definition of do: "to perform an action, achieve, or complete.

I. Do. Hmmm... What do I do? What do you do? What is it that we perform, achieve or complete? For most of my life, it was things that I was comfortable doing. Things I knew I did well. Things I was safe with.

But what happens when we say "I do" to things far outside our comfort zone? What happens when we say "I do" to things that are scary or risky or uncomfortable? Well, sometimes, what happens is that we are scared, insecure and feeling discomfort.

But there's another side to saying "I do" to things outside our bubble. There's excitement, opportunity, and better things than we could have dreamed up on our own. There is adventure and learning, growth and mystery.

For me, "I do" has looked like moving to Romania and working with orphans for over a year. It has looked like becoming a doula, running a cleaning business, facilitating adoptions, traveling around the world. None of those things were comfortable, but they were all so very good for my soul and personal growth. Were they all easy? Heck no!

Recently saying "I do" has looked like starting an insanely busy Sola business, hiring employees, making video tutorials, doing lives in front of thousands of people, and flying across the country to meet a flower supplier with no motives other than allowing the chance for opportunity. NONE of these things were in my comfort zone. N. O. N. E.

But, I decided to say "I do" and it has been the best decision of my life. What do you need to say "I do"? What is stopping you from seizing the opportunities in front of you? Fear? Lack of knowledge? Comfort level? Support? What is it?

Identify what it is that is stopping you from performing, achieving, or completing. Name it and then stomp on it! I'm pushing 40 and "YOLO" isn't necessarily my motto these days, but come on friends - YOLO! Don't let anything hold you back from the opportunities that are in your reach if you just allow yourself to let go of those things that hold you back.

Step by step, hour by hour, minute by minute, NO - second by second... Take each moment to move forward, to press on, to say "I do" to your dreams.


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Thank you for this blog Dana! Stepping out of my comfort zone has never been easy for me. I need to remember your words and realize great posntial comes from taking that first step. I CAN do it! Full speed ahead!!

Gaye Tyhosky

Thank you I so needed this. This is so very true, I personally forget the I CAN do at times.

Sandi Gentile

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