How to Make a Statement With Fall Wood Flower Arrangements

How to Make a Statement With Fall Wood Flower Arrangements

Fall is the most popular season to get married, with 22% of people choosing October to tie the knot. 

When it comes to fall wedding flowers, there are many different options to choose from. But if you want something unique and stylish, sola wood flowers are a great choice. 

Use our guide to create the most stunning fall wood flower arrangements for your wedding or party. 

What Are Sola Wood Flowers?

Sola flowers are an alternative to flowers grown in nature. These flowers are made from wood and are shaped and dyed to look like cut flowers. 

The sola flower material comes from a plant called the Aeschynomene Aspera, or shola for short. This plant grows in marshy areas in Southeast Asia. It is common there and considered a renewable resource. 

To make the flowers, first, people must harvest the plant. The plant's stems then get sectioned, and the bark is taken off. The wood inside gets made into extremely thin sheets. 

These thin sheets are crafted into petals and formed into flowers. The flowers are all made by hand and come in various styles. 

Benefits of Sola Wood Flowers 

If you are hosting a fall wedding or party, you may think your only choice is fresh-cut flowers. But choosing sola wood flowers for your fall flower arrangements has a host of benefits. 


The shola wood material that these flowers come from is plentiful. Because it is a renewable resource, they are good for the environment.

Great Value 

Natural flowers for a wedding can cost a fortune. Get the same loveliness that flowers bring but for a lesser cost with sola flowers. 

Lasting Beauty 

Choosing sola flowers means you'll get to look at your wedding flowers forever. These wooden flowers don't wilt or age and look great for years. 


You don't have to worry about trying to find a flower to match your wedding vision. You can have your sola flowers dyed in almost any color. These flowers also come in many different options. 

No Allergies 

If you are someone who gets sneezy around flowers, sola flowers are an excellent option for you. There is no pollen with sola flowers, so you have less chance of being allergic to them. 

Fall Wood Flower Arrangements 

You may think that spring and summer are the best time for flowers, but fall blooms can look incredible too. The cooler weather lets different colors and textures take center stage. If you use one of these arrangement ideas, your sola flowers are sure to impress at your fall-themed wedding. 

Pumpkin Arrangement 

For a very festive fall centerpiece, first, hollow out a small pumpkin. Use your hollowed pumpkin like a vase and add your wooden flowers. Finish off the look by adding squash and pinecones around the pumpkin. 

Seeing Red 

Make your red sola flower arrangement pop by matching it to your china. Find jewel-toned glasses and gold cutlery for a tablescape your guests will remember.  

Multiple Vases 

Create a dramatic floral arrangement with your wood flowers with the vases. Use many smaller vases instead of one larger one. Use a few large blooms in each vase and fill the extra space with greenery. 

Fruit and Flowers 

For an unexpected twist, mix your sola wood flowers with pomegranate. Use deep reds the same color as the fruit for an interesting final look. 

Go Vintage 

Find several vintage vases to put your wood flowers in. Layer larger wood flowers with smaller ones to get a layered final look. The vintage vases will bring warmth and elegance to your fall wedding. 

Play With Color 

Use the bright autumn colors to your advantage at your next fall-themed party. Fill short vases with pomegranate seeds and add sola flowers in orange and green. The colors will be bright and make an impact on your table. 

Go For Yellow

Yellow arrangements are perfect for the fall season. Fill yellow vases with gold and white wood flowers. Accent your flowers with pops of greenery. 

Decorate Your Mantel

If you're hosting a fall party, add some drama to your mantel with your wood flower arrangement. Fill an antique pitcher with your sola wood flowers. Add a few small pumpkins and pinecones to surround it, and you'll have an eye-catching look. 

Feathers and Flowers 

Pump up your fall arrangements by adding feathers to the vases. Choose bigger sola blooms in white, green, and orange. Add them to a wide vase with tall feathers as an accent. 


If you have a favorite fall color, make it the focus of your bouquets. Your sola flowers in the same hue will create a simple statement. 

Caring for Your Sola Bouquet 

When you first get your sola flowers, you may need to fluff them to revitalize their shape. Fluffing your sola flower couldn't be easier!

First, take a small bowl and add some clean water to it. Dip the flower in the water to dampen the petals. 

Once damp, start to reshape the petals by pulling them back carefully. Re-dampen the flower as you go if you need to. Shape the petals until you get the look that you want! 

Although more sturdy than real flowers, you'll still need to treat your sola flowers carefully. Keep them in a dark and dry place. Make sure not to store them directly in the sun. 

Use Sola Wood Flowers for Gorgeous Blooms That Never Wilt 

For incredible blooms to fit your budget, you can't go wrong with sola flowers. Your fall wood flower arrangements will make a statement at your next wedding or party. 

If you are looking for the highest quality sola wood flowers for your next gathering, Luv Sola Flowers can help. View our collection today to find the perfect flowers for your party!  

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