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How to Enhance Your Arrangements Using Green Filler Flowers

From weddings to anniversaries, we've been using bouquets to symbolize new beginnings, happiness, and appreciation, but have you ever wanted your bouquet to last longer? Eventually, the blooms wilt and fall apart, and your once stunning bouquet is nothing but a memory. 

Sola wooden flower arrangements are designed to last, preserving the beauty of your bouquet for years. Creating a stunning arrangement all begins with choosing the right flowers, and green filler flowers play an important role in arrangements. 

Keep reading to discover the benefits of filler flowers and how to make a stunning arrangement for any occasion.

What Are Sola Wood Flowers?

Our Sola wood flowers are made from the shola plant, and they are both soft and pliable. The feeling of wooden flowers is similar to that of real flowers, but they have many added benefits. 

Our handmade wood flowers have a natural ivory coloration, but they can also be dyed any color to more closely mimic the look of traditional flowers. You can use acrylic paint, fabric dye, or latex wall paint. You can also alter the shade by adjusting the water to paint ratio. 

When you buy Sola flowers for your arrangement, you have complete creative freedom! You can create a bouquet in your wedding colors, go for a monochrome look, or mimic the look of traditional flowers. Take a look at our how-to video to learn more about dyeing our wooden flowers. 

Our Sola flowers are also 100% biodegradable and sustainable, so you can feel good about your purchase. 

Plus, wooden flower arrangements last for years, so you can save your bouquet to preserve your memory of the occasion. These flowers won't wilt, and they're protected from decay. 

After crafting your one-of-a-kind arrangement, you can add faux or preserved green filler flowers. 

How to Use Green Filler Flowers

Bouquets have a long history that goes all the way back to ancient Rome. The styles and types of flowers used have changed quite a bit (herbs used to be more common than flowers), but the idea remains the same. 

If you want to create a bouquet that stands out, adding green filler flowers will give your arrangement more visual interest. It adds dimension and complements the other flowers. 

Choosing flowers can seem overwhelming, but it helps if you focus on the blooms and colors that speak to you. Remember, the beauty of wooden arrangements is that you can choose any colors you want. 

The purpose of filler flowers is to fill in an arrangement. There are many types of filler flowers and greenery to choose from, and you may like one style better than another depending on the intended effect. 

For instance, this Preserved Spiral Eucalyptus comes in gorgeous colors such as steel blue and frosted green. Adding it to your wooden flower arrangement adds texture and fullness, and it pairs well with any color. 

Adding Filler

So you've decided on the perfect wooden flowers for your arrangement, and it's time for the filler.

How much filler you want to add is up to you. Perhaps you want the bouquet to take center stage, only adding a few pieces of greenery here and there. Maybe you want to choose filler flowers that give your bouquet more of a unique shape. 

Once you have the arrangement prepared, look for holes or spots that appear empty. Slide greenery in these spots to give your bouquet a fuller appearance. 

Try to keep your filler greenery limited to a few different types. Too many variations can become overwhelming and overpower your wooden flower arrangement. 

Filler Flower Options 

We offer persevered filler and greenery to add variety and a pop of green to your wood flower arrangement. We also have faux greenery and filler made out of high-quality plastic. Either option makes an excellent addition to any bouquet!

If you're not sure where to start, here are some common filler flower and greenery options. 


Did you know there are over 20,000 fern varieties across the globe? When it comes to adding green filler to your bouquet, you can't go wrong with a type of fern. The delicate appearance adds a softness to your arrangement and complements any other wood flowers. 

Fern is a florist staple in bouquets for any occasion. Our Preserved Leather Fern comes in a bunch with ten stems, perfect for placing between your Sola flowers and filling in your arrangement. 

Lemon Leaf

Salal, or Lemon Leaf, has a lovely full leaf that resembles the shape of a lemon. It's the perfect option for adding texture and variety while still remaining subtle enough to not overpower your Sola flowers. 

Adding preserved Lemon Leaf greenery to your flowers gives any arrangement a fuller appearance. 

Dusty Miller

Dusty Miller has a unique, frosted appearance that can give off a winter vibe, perfect for seasonal arrangements. If you're crafting a wooden flower bouquet for a winter wedding, consider adding a few stems of artificial Dusty Miller. 

Other greenery that complements a winter bouquet includes faux eucalyptus, frosted greenery, holly, and preserved juniper. 


Statice or Sea Lavender flowers are tiny and delicate, perfect for an elegant bouquet. German Statice has many tiny blooms that make the ideal filler in a variety of bouquets. Florists often use different types of statice to make a bouquet appear more lush. 

Preserved German Statice makes the perfect flower fillers to fill out your bouquet. 

Create a Bouquet That Lasts

Adding green filler flowers to your wooden flower bouquet gives it depth, interest, and a lush appearance. Use these tips to choose the right types of filler for your arrangement. 

At Luv Sola Flowers, we sell handmade wood flowers that are meant to last for years. If you want to preserve your bouquet and your memories, create a Sola arrangement guaranteed to stand the test of time. 

Our faux filler collection pairs perfectly with our Sola wood flowers. Browse our collection to find the perfect greenery for your arrangement. 

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