How to Dye Sola Wood Flowers

How to Dye Sola Wood Flowers

Dyeing Sola wood flowers is simple and fun. You can customize each flower with whatever color you choose. We prefer using latex indoor house paint or fabric dye mixed with water. Check out our beautiful Wood Flower Dye selections

Watch this video to see how easy it is! You control the shade by changing the paint to water ratio. Experiment and have fun! You can find all the colors we currently have in our pre-dyed flowers and assortments collection.

*Note : Flowers that have curled edges will uncurl when wet. We prefer to leave these raw, airbrushed or handpainted.

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What types of dues are you using?


if you accidentally put too much dye on it, let’s just say light pink, would it go to a darker pink color? AMD it said flowers that have curled edges would unfurl, so would Rose’s not be a good flower to dye?


When using latex paint, what sheen do you use? Saint, egg shell …flat?

Shawntel Sandstrom

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