How to Create Wooden Flower Arrangements for the Seasons

How to Create Wooden Flower Arrangements for the Seasons

Flowers have always been a special gift for a loved one or a beautiful decoration at an event, but wooden floral arrangements are taking the world by storm as unique household items.

Did you know that Americans spend $2 billion on flowers on Valentine's Day? Well, they do! But, as the world moves towards more eco-friendly products, people are searching for a natural-looking alternative for their next bouquet. 

Not only do wooden flowers have a better impact on the environment, but they are more affordable and don't decay. That means you can have your favorite bouquet forever.

Let's take a look at how you can create the perfect wooden bouquets and where to buy your next flowers!

Why Sola Flowers Are Different 

If you're new to the world of wooden floral arrangements, then you should be excited. Research tells us that flowers make us happier and brighten our day, so of course, you want to find a way to keep them around you.

Sola flowers are made from a plant called Aeschynomene Aspera. Once the plant has grown, the bark is stripped and the center is made into sheets. These sheets are what create beautiful wooden flowers. 

So, if you're worried that they'll look fake and unattractive, then you're mistaken. They come from natural resources just like fresh flowers, but they have numerous other benefits. Plus they last a lifetime because they are wood rather than petals.

Benefits of Wooden Flowers

Firstly, they are great for people with allergies. If you've never been able to buy flowers from your local shop because you have allergies, then wooden flowers are your answer!

They don't give off any toxic fumes, so you can enjoy their beauty without the harmful consequences. The same benefit applies to any pets or children you might have. 


Unlike fresh flowers that are dependent on the season, these floral arrangements aren't restricted to a specific time of year. You can find a variety of options all year round. 

You can also find more varieties that might not grow in your local area. Therefore, you can find an exotic flower to have in your home or at your event and surprise people with these unique bouquets.

Different Designs 

Have you ever looked at a rose and wished you could grow a multicolor flower? Then, wooden flowers are the way to make that dream come true. Sola flowers can take on different colors from dye and paint. 

So, if you have a color scheme that you'd like to match, then you can use the color of your choice to dip-dye the flowers. 

Unlimited Use 

Without a doubt, the most annoying thing about real flowers is they die easily. There's nothing worse than buying a fresh bouquet for yourself and a week later seeing the petals fall off and the color fade. 

To avoid this disappointment and money being wasted, wood flowers are a good alternative. As long as you carry out basic maintenance, then you should be able to keep these flowers for a lifetime if you want.

How to Create Wooden Floral Arrangements

Creating a wooden floral arrangement is no different than placing fresh flowers together in a vase. The basic principles of arranging flowers are the same, no matter what the material.

Follow these tips for wooden floral arrangements or if you want to make DIY floral arrangements:

1. Choose the Right Container

The secret to an eye-catching flower display is finding the right container. You can find endless options of ceramic vases, glass vases, or anything else you'd prefer.

If you'll be using the flowers for an occasion, then you might want to pick a nice ribbon or patterned fabrics to wrap the flowers together. This will highlight the details of the flowers and allow you to hold them together. 

2. Arrange the Flowers 

Arranging the flowers is the best part of choosing your wood flowers. You can let your creativity shine!

However, some tips can help you make the most of these magical flowers: 

  • Place large flowers in the center 
  • Add small flowers around the center 
  • Use three different flowers 
  • Fill empty spots if there are any

Once you've placed the flowers in a composition you like, then you need to think about color. 

Seasonal Colors 

You need to think about the season when picking the color of your flowers. For instance, pastel colors are great in summer, so anything from white to lilac would work. 

On the other hand, darker tones look incredible in autumn. So, you can choose dark orange, red, or yellow during this season. Ultimately, the choice of color is up to you and your individual preference. 

Create Your Floral Bouquet

You can arrange a beautiful bouquet using bulk sola wood flowers. You can find a variety of seasonal looks or styles and consolidate them to create the perfect arrangement for any occasion or season. 

That way, you won't need to worry about throwing away seasonal petals when the weather changes. You can keep the same flowers all year or for several seasons.

Of course, there are many other choices, but you can browse the Luv Sola Flowers to see more.

Flowers That Last All Year 

Wooden floral arrangements will keep your home bright and colorful all year, and you'll never have to worry about them dying and needing to be replaced. 

Plus, you can customize them to suit your personality. If you want to try something new and transition to a more sustainable product like wooden flowers, then Luv Sola Flowers has the best range. 

You can look over the options over a coffee break or scroll the website on your day off. Treat yourself to a new wooden arrangement today. It will transform your space!

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