Wood Flower Centerpieces

How Do Wood Flower Centerpieces Work?

Imagine how sad the world would be without floral arrangements.

Think about it, when you're at a special event like a wedding, funeral, or party—

Flowers are truly the statement decoration that brings the entire occasion together. They create an atmosphere of inclusivity and vibrance that can only be achieved through these cheerful pops of color.

That being said, fresh flowers are exorbitantly expensive, and their biggest downfall is that they need to be thrown in the trash a few days later.

A superior option if you want to enjoy your floral arrangement for the rest of your life is to use a wood flower centerpiece for special events.

Wood flower centerpieces will not only look perfect on the day of your event, but you can give them away as gifts to your friends or enjoy them in your home forever! If you are curious about how wood flower arrangements work and how they can add beauty to your life, keep reading! We're covering everything in this blog. 

Prep for Your Events with Wooden Flowers

The to-do list for the morning of a big event can easily be a mile and a half long.

For most big events, ladies will need to complete hair, makeup, jewelry, getting dressed, and the list goes on and on. Not to mention the actual details of getting your venue all ready! Food, decorations, entertainment, and more all need to be set up in the short hours before the fun begins.

Flowers are a huge component of ensuring your special occasion is a magical experience. They are a beautiful statement that is the most classic decoration for any era.

However, fresh flowers can be a risky investment on a big day…

Finding a reputable florist near your venue and entrusting them with centerpieces, bouquets, and decorations is a huge undertaking. Not to mention that the flowers may end up drooping and look poor in photographs down the road. Additionally, the flowers you want may not be in season for your event.

Using wood flowers is a way for you to carefully select from a wide selection ahead of time without having to worry that flowers will not be in season (or worse - look droopy and faded) for your event.

Not to mention, your event planner or decorating crew will be able to get your wood flowers in order in a matter of minutes at your event rather than you worrying about the florist spending hours and hours that morning arranging everything. Time is a luxury, and any item you can take off your to-do list on a big day is an opportunity for you to relax and enjoy the special occasion! 

How Do Wood Flower Centerpieces Work? 

Wood flowers, specifically sola wood flowers, are made from the plant Aschynomene Aspera. This spongy, fibrous, cork-like material is used to create wood flowers. This plant grows abundantly and is a sustainable option to create wooden floral arrangements.

The great news about these flowers is that they are completely customizable! 

Choosing Your Wood Flower Bloom Type

When it comes to choosing the shape, size, and petal type for your wood flower arrangement, the sky is the limit!

Whether you want a uniform bouquet with a few filler pieces in there or a hodge-podge of different shapes and sizes, Luv Sola Flowers has options that you'll love.

We carry classic shapes such as the orchid and the classic tulip, but we also have crafted other shapes such as the Esmeralda, Fiesta, and Abigail. To ensure that you can curate a stellar arrangement, we carry specific blooms in packs of 12 or 6, or in mix-and-match assortment options.

Dye Your Sola Wood Flowers

Your sola wood flowers will come raw so that you can dye them to create the colorful arrangement of your dreams. Many women wonder about the best way to dye sola wood flowers. Here are a few safe, convenient, and vibrant options to try:

This means that, unlike real flowers, you have the opportunity to create a color palette and bloom shape that fits in entirely with your dream aesthetic.

Arranging Your Sola Wood Flowers

When it comes to the flower arrangement of your dreams, you have a few options. One option is to hire a floral artist or craft expert near you to arrange a glorious, sustainable, and vibrant wood flower centerpiece for you.

The other option is to give it a go yourself!

The nice thing about working with wood flowers is that they are sturdier than flowers that are alive, making them a forgiving medium to try if you're just a beginner. Here are some tools you will want to get started on your wood flower centerpiece arrangement:

  • Decorative box or vase that you want your wood flowers to stand
  • Hot glue gun and plenty of glue sticks
  • Filler flowers such as pampas grass, Ruscus bush, or olive leaves
  • Sticks and floral wire to help your wood flowers stand
  • Dry foam

It is important to note that you will want to dye your wood flowers ahead of time rather than after you arrange them for the crispest and cleanest look! 

Enjoy Your Wood Flower Centerpieces for Years to Come

The biggest advantage of utilizing wood flowers is that you can enjoy them forever.

That's right, they won't rot, wilt, or die. They will continue to look as fresh and joyful as the day you first arranged them!

Since you can enjoy them forever, that means that you can also re-use them for multiple events. Many brides even give away their centerpieces as party favors to their guests to continue to enjoy. This makes the cost of wood flowers completely worth it and a much more cost-effective solution than live flowers.

If you are interested in creating your own wood flower centerpieces, look no further than Luv Sola Flowers. We are here to help you bring these beauties to life! 

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