Green Filler Flowers

Green Filler Flowers are More Than Just Filler

Do you enjoy changing your home decor with the seasons or every other month? Are flowers something you enjoy having in your home? You might answer yes to that last question but follow it up with not enjoying the quickness of flowers dying. We’ve got the answer for you! Wood and Luv Sola Flowers. That’s right! Wooden flowers might be the answer for you if you love the look of flowers but want them to last longer.

These wooden flowers can be used in a variety of styles. Crafters use them to enhance their works of art, while wedding planners use them for bouquets and decor throughout the wedding space. You can use them too. They are simple to use for home decor and easy to maintain. 

Simply pick your main pieces and add green filler flowers to complete the look. Luv Sola Flowers are a perfect addition to your home, no matter how you use them. The addition of flowers to your home may help to boost moods and provide a sense of peace. 

In this blog, we will look at Luv Sola flowers and how to maintain them so your arrangements stand the test of time.

What Are Luv Sola Flowers?

Luv Sola flowers are unique in that they will last forever if taken care of. They are wooden flowers that are both delicate and durable. You have the option to choose from raw or skin when you order, and the flowers themselves come in a variety of styles.

Raw Luv Sola flowers are created from the Shola plant. The natural color can be considered ivory. You can also opt for Skin Sola flowers that are similar to the raw option, but part of the “skin” of the wood is left, leaving a unique design. When combined, the flowers create an astonishing arrangement that will last for a long time, bringing beauty and class to any home. 

Additionally, you have the option of dyeing your wooden flowers. This is easily done with just a few materials. Luv Sola provides a video with step-by-step instructions on their website.

It’s important to note that the flowers do not come with stems. You can choose to order stems if you will be using your wooden flowers in a way that requires them. For instance, you may want to add stems if you’re creating a wedding bouquet but do not need them if you will be decorating a frame in your home.

Green filler flowers

What Are Green Filler Flowers?

Using green filler flowers in your Luv Sola wooden arrangements helps you fill the spaces while keeping costs down. Green filler flowers come in a variety of styles, much like the wooden flowers themselves. Luv Sola uses preserved and dried filler flowers with fantastic quality and longevity. As you shop on the Luv Sola website, you will notice that green filler flowers provide a pop of color to the arrangements you can create.

Green filler flowers have stems attached for ease of decorating. The selection is outstanding, and the value is top-notch. When selecting your green filler flowers, pay attention to the product description. Do you get more than one piece? What are the piece dimensions? Knowing this will help you understand what you need for your project.

Ordering Your Wooden Flowers

When you first look at the site, it might be overwhelming with the variety of styles you have to choose from. If you’re unsure exactly what you want, consider purchasing an assortment. This will allow you to get your feet wet, so to speak, when first working with wooden flowers.

It’s essential to decide if you want to add stems; honestly, if you’re not sure, it’s a good idea to add them. That way, you will have them if you want to use them.

Consider how large you want your piece to be when ordering green filler flowers. Filler flowers provide the width and substance to your wooden arrangement. They are a substantial part of your end product so take your time adding them to your cart. Again, variety is on your side. Pick a few you think you might like. Once you get the hang of decorating with Luv Sola wood flowers, you’re sure to use any extra you ordered.

Suppose you’re planning a piece that needs height. In that case, it might be good to consider opting for Pampas grass, which comes in ivory or beige to complement any decor. With a height of 31”, it can center your arrangement if you’re using it in a vertical arrangement.

On the other hand, shorter pieces like the Seed Bundle stems help fill in gaps in your arrangement to create a sense of fullness.

You might also consider the meaning behind your green filler flowers. For instance, simply seeing a sprig of Lavender may bring a sense of relaxation to your space, while the color of the Gold Willow Bush may warm your heart with a sense of fall. Your green filler flowers are more than just something you use to fill in the gaps. They round out the whole piece and help it make sense. 

Preparing Your Wooden Flowers

Once you receive your Luv Sola shipment, lay your order out in an organized manner so you know what you have, and it’s handy when you’re ready to work with it. Before ordering, you probably had an idea in mind of what you wanted to use your flowers for. If not, take some time to find ideas on Luv Sola’s website for 


Maintaining Your Luv Sola Flowers

Maintaining your arrangement, including your green filler flowers, is easier than it might seem! Simply keep them dry, cool, and away from direct sunlight. Remember that they are stronger than flowers, but they are still delicate, and you should handle them carefully. With these simple instructions, you will enjoy your arrangements for a long time.


Adding wooden flowers to your home is a fun way to bring in nature and color; you get to be creative in how you arrange them. If you have questions about our products, click here to connect with us!
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