Giving Gifts

Giving Gifts

It's only natural to talk about giving after we talked all week about thanks. This season isn't only a reminder about thanks, but also about giving and gifts.

I have to be honest. I don't really like getting gifts. I like to receive love through acts of service and words of affirmation. Getting gifts usually makes me feel awkward and I'm the kind that hates people spending money on me.

But, I love giving. I love to give help, encouragement, support and loyal friendship. I prefer these over tangible items.

Everyone has one gift or more. What is your gift? What do you do so well that it's just so obvious to others? I love others well and make them feel important and connected. That's my gift.

What's yours? Are you creative? Problem solving? Empathetic? A good listener? Organized? Ambitious? What gift do you have? The one that you just naturally excel at.

This season, why not name your gift and use it to change the world. OK, maybe the world is an extreme place to start, but if we start small, it WILL change the world.

How can you use your gifts to change your family? How can you use your gifts to change your workplace? Or neighborhood... Or even strangers at Hobby Lobby?

This season, don't keep your gifts to yourself. Give your gifts!! And the ripple effect may just change the world.

Last week we talked about THANKS and went through each letter as a reminder of the different parts of Luv Sola we can be thankful for. Many are thankful for the sola wood flowers they can use for their business or as their wooden wedding flowers, but we looked at even more things to be thankful for. This week, let's work on giving.

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I am so sorry I missed this two days ago! I love your blog posts, Dana! ( : They are always inspirational, well written, make me feel good about life, and are full of great information and ideas! ( : I loved the Thankfulness series and love giving/sharing of gifts, not monetary gifts, but gifts of ourselves and things we do well! Very thought-provoking, as always! Love that about your blogs! ( :

Great job, as usual, sweetie, and now you have me thinking about what gift to share! ( : I have many I share freely everywhere I go and to whomever I see, but maybe I should share these gifts in a more effective manner…hmmmm….now I have lots to think about! ( :

Thanks for the gift of your presence in our lives and all the wonderful information and love you share with us all! ( :

Love, Tracy ( :

Tracy Riordan

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