Filler Combinations

August 26, 2019

Filler Combinations

Rules for greeneries and fillers and what looks good together:

1. Dark dreens, such as eucalyptus, should be paired with softer sagey/gray greens, bluer greens, and should avoid the yellowy bright shades

2. Flocked greens pair well with greens that are not dewy or have a high sheen. Muted colors and more texture fit well with flocked greens such as Lamb's Ear and Dusty Miller

3. Yellowy greens should avoid the grayer/bluer tones to pair with. Whiter, brighter, and glossier pair well 

4. For a boho look, use leafier, thick greens, paired with some tendrily wispy type flllers

5. For a traditional look, use softer greens and delicate filler such as babies breath.

6. For a wild look, do not use bulky greens, rather think wispy, thin, textured, and with variety

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