Hey sweet sister - I have something to whisper in your ear today.

You are enough.

Please let my quiet words move from your ear to your heart and mind.

You are enough.

When you feel like you failed. When you don't have enough time for everyone who needs you. When you yelled instead of had patience. When you can't get something right no matter how hard you tried. When you checked out of a relationship because you are so hurt. When you didn't cook or clean or work or mom well, please, sister, hear my words.

YOU are enough.

You are enough simply because you were put here on earth for a purpose. You are enough simply because you were created the way you are - flaws and all.

When you don't love your summer bod... Or your winter bod for that matter. When you have no pictures with your family because you didn't like what you saw in the mirror. When the work you create with your hands doesn't sell. When you don't remember who you are. When you feel like you have no friends. When no one appreciates you or even notices you.

Sweet sister - You are enough.

You matter. You are valuable. You are worthy of Love. You are worthy of success and support and acknowledgement. If you haven't heard these words, let me tell you now - loud and clear.


It doesn't matter where you've been, where you are, or where you are headed.

You are enough.

Yes, we always should grow and try harder and fight to be our best selves, but whatever you are right in this MOMENT.

You are enough.


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Thank you for your wisdom and for sharing❤️

Julie Sannnicandro

Such a simple set of words packed with such a powerful meaning. Thank you for this and for helping to build a community of people who have believed in every person who posts for feedback in the Facebook group.


These words spoke directly to my heart. I just need to believe they are true for me! Thank you for sharing.

Gaye Lynn

With tears in my eyes, I say thank you Dana.


Wise words! A reminder for all of us that get overwhelmed with life’s demands! Thank you


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