DIY Assortments

February 17, 2020 1 Comment

DIY Assortments

Sola wood flowers can be used for home decor, events and parties, or as wooden wedding flowers. Wood flowers are the perfect resource for your floral needs. No matter how you choose to use your sola flowers, you will have a look, style or theme you are going for. Here's a little guide on how to use our styles of flowers for a cohesive look by being able to create your own assortments. 

Bridal Basic - This assortment would feature easy to dye, easy to work with sola flowers perfect for any bridal basics. From bouquets to boutonnieres or centerpieces, this assortment is an easy diy set. Use 2 and 3 inch flowers that don't have rolled or pinched edges. Examples: New Beauty, Beli, Dahlia, Freya, Carnation, Lotus

Succulent Assortment - This assortment gives you a wide collection of sola flowers that can be easily painted as succulents. Suggested flowers can be - Mocha, Escape, Supernova, Aspen, Cosmos, Venus, Jazzy, Giselle, Be My Baby, Dahlia and Lotus

Rose Assortment - Roses are traditional, elegant and a floral staple. This assortment could give you a sampling of our different styles of roses. Some suggestions are the New Beauty, Bird Rose, Garden Rose, Mamma Mia, Hey Jude, Ollie, Mixed New Beauty, Infinity Rose, Bombay Rose, Long Rose and French Rose

Wild Flower Assortment - Looking for that handpicked, wildflower look. Fun and whimsical shapes for your projects is the way to go. Some flowers that fit this style are Rio Sunflower, Charlie, Windy Sunflower, Suraya, Stardust, Buttercup, Amy, Iris, and Jazzy

New Assortment - Get a sampling of our newest flowers all in one place. Just click the "new" tab to see all featured newest flowers.

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Marie Mullane
Marie Mullane

February 17, 2020

What a great resource! Thank you for this. Its going to make ordering so much more efficient

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