Communication and the Bridal Experience

Communication and the Bridal Experience

Customer service and communication is key to expanding and keeping the sola business going. If you are wanting to be involved in sola weddings and offering your brides the very best wooden wedding flowers, you also need to be able to communicate clearly.

Communication is very important. It's important in relationships, friendships, and work relationships. Everyone likes to feel like they've been heard and listened to, while also staying informed. Making someone feel appreciated and valued, while having open and honest conversations is a key to good communication. Brides especially feel safe and secure booking when they know their florist values them as a customer and listens clearly to their needs. Word of mouth is the greatest marketing tool, so it's important for customers to have an exceptional experience beyond just the final product.

We will talk briefly about intake, consults, contracts, and the customer experience, and how communication is one of the most important pieces of the wood flower business.

Intake : When a potential customer starts the process of gaining information about your business and wood flowers in general, it can be overwhelming. Communicate clearly through your website, have an easy process for them to contact you and have templates already prepared with questions and answers to find exactly what your client is looking for. At this stage it's more about getting the facts.

Consult : This is where you get to know your bride on a more personal level. Finding out her theme, style, expectations, and a quick picture of who she is as a person will help you create a custom design especially crafted for her. Take time to listen and give professional feedback as you go. Make sure you are prepared to discuss what the process will look like from booking to delivery. The more knowledge you offer, the easier it will be for a bride to put their wedding in your hands. Don't rush them - let them share everything they need or ask any amount of questions. This will make them feel like more than just a booking.

Contract: Make sure your contract includes everything to protect you and your bride. Include finish dates, deposit and payment information, refund policies, cancelation policies, delivery or set up options, etc... Your contract can always be evolving - adding and subtracting as you learn.

Customer Experience : Brides like to be updated and included in the process. There is a way to be in control and keep them from being overwhelmed. They don't care how busy you are, how many weddings you have, or how much work it will take for you to do their sola flowers. They want to feel like the only one that matters in the moment. Remember that you are a part of one of their most special days. Don't take that lightly.

Have a passion to give your bride the best experience through communication - hearing their needs, listening to their desires, informing clearly and professionally, while creating an atmosphere of connection.
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