Tips for Wooden Flower Arrangements

Tips for Wooden Flower Arrangements

As the days get shorter and our minds turn to autumn, you might wonder how you can hold onto every last shred of summer. What if I told you there was a way to bring a sense of summer and warmth to your home all year round? And that the addition would take little to no maintenance from you.

When you decorate your home with Luv Sola Flowers, you have the ability to add pops of color and a sense of fresh flowers throughout your space. But, there's no need to water your flowers, and you don't have to refresh them when they wilt. That's because Luv Sola Flowers are wooden flowers made from the Shola plant.

These flowers look like the real thing, with incredible detail, but they're made to last and enhance your space for as long as you want. Your wooden flower arrangement will add freshness to your home and a sense of calm with their beauty and uniqueness.

What Are Luv Sola Flowers?

Luv Sola Flowers are wooden flowers. Floral designers use them in wedding bouquets and floral arrangements when they want something more permanent than traditional flowers. These wooden flowers come in a variety of styles. They're not just for professional florists, though. You can order your own Luv Sola Flowers and create a work of art for your home. Crafters also use these flowers in a variety of ways.

You can choose from raw wooden flowers, which are a natural ivory color, or skin wooden flowers. The "skin" comes from using the skin side of the Shola plant, which has a wood vibe, much like a thin piece of bark. The addition of the skin creates a unique detail, adding dimension to the flower.

When you first look at Luv Sola flowers, you may wonder how durable they are. They are much more durable than the flowers you are used to, but they should still be handled with care. Your arrangement should be kept in a cool spot of your home, away from direct sunlight. Other than that, no maintenance is required. Imagine having a beautiful wooden flower arrangement in your home that needs nothing from you!

Tips for Wooden Flower Arrangements

You can arrange your Luv Sola Flowers just like you would fresh flowers. Be mindful that these wooden flowers do not come with stems. If you want to order stems, you can. Depending on your design, you might not need them. If you're planning to use your wooden flowers in a vase where you will need stems, you can choose from either textured or green stems. Both are flexible to a degree, which makes crafting with them easy.

That being said, how do you plan to create your wooden flower arrangement? Do you have an old vase that's been in the family for a while, or are you creating multiple arrangements using glass jars? Thinking outside the vase, there are plenty of things you can do to make your arrangement stand out! A few ideas are listed below to give you some inspiration.

Wooden flowers and books: Using an Exacto knife, carefully cut a square in the middle of an old book. Take the pages out, leaving a hold in the center. Arrange your wooden flowers within the open space to make it look like the flowers are growing from the book.

Wooden flowers and a purse: Find a purse that has a decorative strap and a solid framework. Essentially, your goal is to hang it from a hook or door knob. With the purse open, arrange your wooden flowers so they look as if they are peeking out from the open purse.

Wooden flowers and toys: There are several toys you can utilize to help make your wooden flower arrangement come to life. If you can find a vintage toy, that's even better. Some of the best options are old trucks. You can arrange your wooden flowers on the bed for a rustic look. 

Remember the cube toy with the shape openings? Consider placing it on its side and using your wooden flowers with stems to fill the one side of the shapes. You can utilize different heights on your stems or add green filler flowers to help fill in any gaps.

Wooden flower arrangements can do more than just enhance your home. The act of arranging flowers is also thought to provide you with a sense of peace and calm. Focusing on the arrangements slows your breathing and allows you to be present while working on your creation. Flower arranging can improve your mood and increase brain function as you problem solve how you want your wooden flower arrangement to look.

With flexible stem options, you can create wooden flower arrangement wreaths and garlands as well. The ideas are endless when you’re working with wooden flowers.

Choosing Your Wooden Flowers

When you first look at the Luv Sola website, you might be overwhelmed with the options. Consider purchasing an assortment so you can mix and match. Once you've worked with the flowers, you will discover which are your favorites. You can choose your assortment to contain only raw or skin flowers or opt for a bundle that has both.

You might be wondering if you can add color to your wooden flowers, and the answer is yes! You can use regular wall paint, fabric paint, or acrylic paint. Click here to find a video that gives you dyeing tips for your wooden flowers.

Both the raw and skin wooden flowers come in packs of one dozen. If you opt for an assortment pack, you can choose from a variety of options. There is also a mini wooden flower assortment pack if your project requires smaller flowers.

Wood flower arrangement

Enjoy Creating Your Wooden Flower Arrangement!

You will love working with Luv Sola Flowers. The durability of the flowers makes them easy to work with, whether it's your first time or your tenth time. Don't be surprised if you end up with a wooden flower arrangement in every room. 

If you have questions about our products, connect with us at We look forward to hearing from you and would love to see what you create!
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