sola flower centerpieces

5 Benefits of Sola Flower Centerpieces

Are you thinking about the time, expenses, and effort required to preserve natural flowers?

Well, sola flower centerpieces have the upper hand!

You can utilize the flowers to adorn your house, wedding reception, or even your office.

These wood blooms are so wonderful because they will not wither or break into pieces. Also, their spark will not faint or change after some time. The wooden flower comes with a plethora of benefits.

Is it anything short of a miracle?

It's now time to take a deep dive into the 5 advantages of sola flower centerpieces.

1. Have a Never-Ending Lifespan

One of the primary benefits of sola wooden flowers is their longevity. Whereas cut flowers have a short lifespan of around a week, wood flowers will liven up your house for years, if not decades. Because it lasts forever, many spouses are now opting for sola flower options for their wedding bouquets.

It's the primary reason why there are excellent sola wood flowers reviews over those other "boring" flowers.

Wood flowers are an excellent option for a wedding. This is because you may prepare them for weeks or even months ahead. This eliminates the burden of waiting until the last minute to arrange your wedding flowers to keep them appearing fresh.

You may also utilize this extra time to fine-tune your arrangement. The same is true for the corsages, bouquets, boutonnieres, and flower crowns worn by the bridesmaids.

Also, you won't have to pay for a costly bouquet maintenance service to keep your bridal bouquet appearing as beautiful as the day you walked down the aisle. This is because wooden flowers have a never-ending lifespan.

2. Realistic Appearance

If you have never come across sola flowers in person, it may be difficult to believe that wood flowers can resemble cut flowers so closely. However, if you've just attended a wedding, you may have held or come across sola flowers — you just didn't realize it!

Brides and their visitors are frequently astounded by how real sola flowers may appear. Most individuals can't tell the difference between them and cut flowers.

Dyeing processes can accurately imitate the colors or patterns of cut flowers. This gives sola flowers a more realistic and convincing appearance than ever before.

However, unlike cut flowers, a wooden flower doesn't start dropping as soon as it's set.

3. Good Value for Money

The good news is that a wood flower is much less expensive than a natural flower.

Instead of draining your wallet by buying a real flower that will lose its luster over time, purchasing a sola wood flower will save you a considerable amount of cash. The cost is significantly lower than that of natural flowers and they will last and make beautiful décor for many years to come. 


Also, remember that a wood flower is hardier. As a result, you can easily correct minor errors without compromising the final product's quality. However, if you make even one blunder in natural flowers, you will probably ruin their appearance and beauty.

Thus you can save a huge amount of money by using sola flower centerpieces. Even if you want to use a certain amount of cash on your wedding, you can use it on other essential things like looking for a better venue.

sola flower centerpieces

4. Numerous Options

Sola wood flowers are currently available in over 150 distinct flower designs. As a result, every centerpiece or bouquet made with cut flowers can now be made using sola.

From there, you may have your sola flower choices colored to align precisely with your bridal colors. This is something that would be difficult to achieve with cut flowers! This implies that you may have any flower in any hue, even those that aren't seen naturally.

You may also use oil-based perfumes to imitate the aroma of fresh flowers. In fact, the scent does not have to be the same as the natural flowers. If you prefer the scent of roses, but like lilies, you may combine the two with sola!

5. Eco-Friendly

You can obtain DIY Sola Wood flowers that aren't composed of plastics or other materials that might pollute the environment when discarded.

Unlike others, its decomposition doesn't take years. Also, it will not pose a hazard to many species and the ecosystem in particular.

Your best option is sola flower centerpieces!

They have an eco-friendly option for guilt-free home decorating. Sola flower centerpieces are similar to other types of flowers.

Do you want to know how that works?  Sola flowers are made from the Shola plant. 

They are attractively mixed with dried baby's breath and well-maintained green caspia.

Being eco-friendly is more than simply turning off lights when you leave a room or separating garbage for reusing. It's linked to altering the cause for how you live.

The procedure may appear long and tiresome. This is because it is a complete shift from your usual way of life, where people weren't completely aware of the terrible implications their actions and purchases of particular items may have on the planet they live on.

Decorate Your Event With Sola Flower Centerpieces

You won't compromise the blooms you desire for your parties, weddings, or other occasions after choosing sola flower centerpieces.

As an example, if you want roses, they are accessible all year. Also, if you want peonies, they are accessible all year. This implies you will undoubtedly obtain multiple flowers that appear like natural flowers on any of your important events.

At Luv Sola Flowers, we sell eco-friendly and high-quality handmade sola wood flowers for any event. We're unique in our fast shipping and great customer service!

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