Wood Flower Bouquet Ideas

15 Creative Wood Flower Bouquet Ideas Using Sola Flowers

Cut flowers only last between 7 to 14 days. Even in the best-case scenario, you can only extend their life by an additional week or so before they wilt and wither. This doesn't just mean that you'll lose all of the money you spent; it also means that you won't have one of the most important keepsakes from your event.

Investing in a wood flower bouquet means that you'll get to keep your beloved blooms for the rest of your life. But what makes wooden bouquets a great choice? What creative options are available to you when putting your bouquet together?

Read on to answer these questions and to learn 15 amazing sola wood bouquets that you can assemble by hand.

Why a Sola Wood Flower Bouquet?

If you're looking to buy a bouquet of flowers, you might wonder why you should choose wood over natural alternatives. While fresh-cut flowers may initially sound like a good choice, their lifespan can't compare to a wooden bouquet.

Faux flowers made from sola wood are intended to last a lifetime. Brides can hold onto their wedding bouquets forever as a keepsake. Those choosing bouquets for other events can remember the occasion fondly when they still have these mementos in a few decades.

Wooden flower bouquets also mean that your order isn't time-sensitive. You won't need to worry about flowers the day before your event to keep them fresh. Instead, you can order them months ahead of time to prevent last-minute stress.

These bouquets are also more sustainable since you don't need to cut and kill actual blooms. Sola is highly renewable and lasts a lifetime, meaning that you can also reuse the bouquet in the future. It's biodegradable, and the process of making flowers involves no environmentally toxic machinery.

Finally, sola wood bouquets are easy to personalize for a fresh and individualistic spin. They come in hundreds of varieties and are easy to paint or stain. This means that you can use any real-looking wood flowers in a bouquet and match the colors perfectly to your event.

1. Multicolored Madness

One awesome thing about sola bouquets is that you get to personally handcraft your arrangement. This is an extremely fun activity and is perfect for bride/bridesmaid bonding. It also is a great way to spend a day with your mother, sister, or BFF.

Custom-assembling your bouquet means that you have full control over your flower's hues. Sola flowers come in white and can be dyed in any color you wish. All you'll need is some craft dye from your local craft store.

This means that you can create any color scheme that you want; there are no limits! Analogous and complementary color schemes are popular. However, you can also go monochromatic with black paint, the natural white hues, and brightly dyed flowers in multiple shades of a single color.

2. Rad Roses

Rose bouquets are a classic that never goes out of style. Unfortunately, the aesthetic of a dying, dried-out rose is extremely evocative of heartbreak. You don't need that at a happy event like a wedding, which makes sola wood roses the perfect alternative!

You can get all of the romance that roses offer with none of the bittersweet feelings after they wilt.  New Beauty Roses are a popular option for those looking to create a classic bouquet. They have a 100% natural rose look made from many hand-peeled layers of sola.

However, you can also choose other types of sola roses as well. French and Bombay sola roses have unique shapes because of their differently crafted layers. Desert roses have sharper petals, while Bird Roses are softer and rounder.

3. Meaningful Magnificence

Regardless of what type of wooden roses you choose, you can dye them based on the meaning that you want to assign your bouquet. Popular rose colors (and their meanings) include:

  • Red → deep passion, romantic love
  • Light pink → happiness, romance, admiration
  • Yellow → joy, friendship
  • White → innocence, purity
  • Orange → desire, pride

You can dye your rose bouquet to match the meaning of your event. For example, a combination of red, light pink, and white roses may be ideal for your wedding. (Plus, since pink is a shade of red, this is an awesome monochromatic color scheme).

In addition to dyeing your wood roses in meaningful colors, you can also pair them with flowers that have similar meanings. For example, yellow roses look great with pastel carnations. Both of these blooms symbolize friendship and make great gifts for a friend.

Romantic roses in red and light pink also go great with wooden tulips or peonies. Since all of these flowers symbolize true love, your bouquet will wind up with a cohesive meaning.

4. Superb Sola Sunflowers

Roses aren't the only flowers that have specific meanings. Some flowers carry other intrinsic messages, even regardless of color. To find out these meanings, you might want to research the Victorian Language of Flowers, which stems back to the 1800s and the messages that they sent each other.

In floriography, sunflowers symbolize positivity, joy, optimism, and loyalty. While they may not be the most popular option for bouquets, they're extremely beautiful. They also have many petals, which makes them one of the most appealing and textured sola wood flower options.

Get some Rio Sunflowers and dye them yellow for a traditional look. They also would look great in royal lavender or baby blue if you want to try something unique. Faux pine bush or longleaf fern makes for a great filter since the green gives a nice natural touch to any hue.

Other sunflower-look options include Eva and Sunshine. The center looks different, but the petal shape and overall vibe match the way that natural sunflowers grow.

5. Textured Fillers

Whether you choose roses, sunflowers, or any other flower type for your bouquet, it's important to add texture and volume with fillers. Like fresh-cut flowers, real foliage dies within a short timeframe. That's why you should invest in preserved, dried, and faux fillers made to last a lifetime.

There are tons of different colors and textures that you can choose from when creating your bouquet. Bleached willow bush and frosted boxwood go well with any wedding bouquet because of their white hue. For a natural green aesthetic, options include oval leaf fiscus, sage olive bush, and eucalyptus.

Preserved Caspia provides a pop of bright pink while Billy balls are a sunny yellow hue. Classic blue baby's breath is a great choice for those looking to add some softness to their arrangement. If you want a cascading bouquet, vines like faux weeping willow are also an excellent natural choice.

No matter what fillers you choose, it's important that you keep things even. Make sure that you aren't too heavy on filler in a single area of the bouquet; you want a consistent visual aesthetic as well as texture. Make sure that your wood flowers are evenly spaced out and that filler accentuates them rather than being the main event.

6. Skin-On Sola

Most sola wood flowers come in a completely neutral ivory hue. This is because the bark from the natural plant was scraped from the surface. The idea behind doing that is to create a consistent, smooth surface.

However, there are also skin sola wood flowers available for those invested in texture. They're harder to dye, but you'll get the benefit of seeing the grain and texture of the natural wood. This is a great choice for those who want to lean into the fact that their flowers are made from one-of-a-kind cuts of high-quality wood.

One of the best wedding bouquet ideas is to take skin sola flowers and pair them with skin-free styles. For example, a skin dahlia could be paired alongside a dyed, peeled dahlia as well. This is a great way to add some contrast to your bouquet to create something unique and visually appealing.

7. A Single Centerpiece

All of Luv Sola Flower's blooms are made with love, care, and a fine-tuned hand. However, some skin sola wood flowers come with a little bit more intricacies than other options. While too much detail can be distracting for some bouquets, using an extremely detailed flower can create a rustic and beautiful arrangement.

Consider structuring your bouquet around a single large flower. Mercury is one of the best styles for doing this because of its textured skin, peeled edges, and finely cut center.

You will, of course, place other sola wood flowers around this bouquet centerpiece, but you should make it the focal point of your arrangement. Consider getting smaller flowers that surround your centerpiece in the same colors as your wedding or event décor.

8. Simpler Sola

However, extremely large and intricate designs are far from your only option. You may also like tiny flowers that surround a centerpiece. In fact, you might not even want a centerpiece; you might just like evenly spaced, multicolored small flowers in textured filler!

Grace is one of our favorite simple options for those looking for a versatile style. These five-petal flowers are extremely simple and elegant with their button center. They're perfect for all arrangements because of their size and simple shape.

Like all of our sola flowers, all you need to do after dyeing Grace is add a simple wire stem. This lets you insert it into the arrangement with precision and finesse. It also stops it from moving around while you're holding or hanging it.

9. Pretty but Petal-Free

One of the coolest things about sola wood flowers is their unique texture. Each flower is cut by hand and peeled into many layers. They usually look realistic but can also be crafted into a unique, hand-cut look.

However, there's such a thing as too much texture. That's why you might want to get some Shell sola flowers. They have a texture and are cut to look like a beautiful spiral, but they don't have too many layers or petals.

Shell flowers are a great way to fill in gaps in an otherwise heavily-textured arrangement. They're especially ideal for those who primarily have multi-petaled and layered flowers like Stella or Ramona. Shell flowers can be painted or dyed black or kept white for a neutral look.

This adds volume to your bouquet while still keeping the eye on your more intricate flowers. For the best possible effect, get a small brush filler in a complementary color to your Shell accents.

10. Cosmic Sola Wood Bouquets

Are you getting married and want a concrete way to express that you love your partner to the moon and back? There are ways to symbolize this with a floral arrangement. Specifically, you can combine our Cosmos sola flowers with Milky Way, Stardust, and Grace.

Start with Cosmos, one of our most full-volume styles. The thick petals curve inward to loop around a flat middle, giving it the feel of stars or planets being pulled towards a gravitational center. This can serve as the centerpiece of your bouquet.

Take intricate and elegant Milky Way and Stardust flowers and place them randomly around your Cosmos center. Make sure that they're evenly spaced while laying them atop black or white faux filler.

The other opposing hue from your filler - black or white - is the perfect color for your tiny Grace flowers. Lay these across the bouquet sparsely and randomly for the feel of twinkling stars.

To maximize the effect of this bouquet, make sure to dye the larger flowers various shades of blue. That will give you all the best colors of the night sky.

11. Amy and Buttercup: A Dynamic Duo

Amy and Buttercup are two flowers that share a lot of similarities. They both have multilayered petals stemming from an intricately cut, highly textured round center. The core difference is that the cuts in the center of Buttercup are higher and more defined than the subtler texture of Amy.

Because both of these designs have pointed, triangular petals, they make a great choice for any sharper bouquet. If your wedding has contemporary décor or you're looking to spruce up a modern home, these flowers are a great choice.

Combining them provides contrast so that the best things of both styles come to the forefront of the bouquet. They complement each other perfectly, especially when dyed in similar yet slightly different hues. For example, you could dye Amy blooms robin's-egg blue while dyeing the Buttercup one's cornflower.

This leads to an extremely cohesive, well-drawn-together bouquet. It also provides an overall even look for your arrangement. You don't need to style it around a single centerpiece or use a lot of filler, which some people value.

12. Pretty With Paint

We've talked a lot about how you can dye sola wood flowers easily to get unique hues. However, what you may not know is that you can also use acrylic or latex paint on them!

You don't want the paint chipping off once it's dry. This is a waste of your one-of-a-kind flowers since you couldn't evenly repaint or dye them after the chipping.

At this point, you can take a paintbrush to them in any way that you like. This presents you with a unique opportunity that dyeing doesn't since you can make different petals various colors. You also can draw small images or patterns on their surface if you want a unique and artistic look.

13. Gorgeous Wooden Orchids

Orchids are known for symbolizing refinement, beauty, charm, and love. This makes them the perfect choice for a wedding flower bouquet or for engagement party décor. They also symbolize fertility and are popular for baby showers.

Sola wood orchids are made to look just like the real thing. They look best when dyed in their natural hues of bright pink and purple. White orchids are also beautiful and can be paired with the pink/purple dyed ones for a more complex bouquet.

These are the perfect flowers for those looking to hand-paint their sola wood blooms. This provides them with a classically sophisticated look since you can add all of the visual detail that fresh-cut orchids have.

Orchids generally look amazing in bouquets with draping filler and foliage. Vines that go at least halfway towards the ground are a good bet.

One of the best is faux weeping willow if you're going for a natural vibe. However, cascading baby eucalyptus also is ideal for those who want more intricate hues throughout their bouquet.

14. Thistle, Be My Baby, and Beyond

If you're looking to add some sharp texture to an otherwise soft-petal bouquet, there are several options that you can choose from. The first, sola thistle, is a wooden pinecone-shaped fixture that you can insert into any bouquet. All you need to do is attach them to your base with a wire stem and place them in the desired position.

Sola Thistle is best when painted brown as a natural pinecone would be. This is perfect because it blends seamlessly into the backdrop of any colorful bouquet. However, its natural ivory and any other neutral hue also work well with the textured design.

Another way to add texture to your bouquet is with Be My Baby accents. They work perfectly as small accents within large bouquets. Their aim is to fill in gaps between other flowers and to add pops of texture throughout the bouquet.

You can also use Be My Baby to frame the rest of your bouquet. This textured border would give your wooden flower bouquet a unique look, especially if you planned to hold it in your hand while walking. It's great for weddings, formal events, and more.

15. Electric Energy

Speaking of the importance of texture, adding Electra to any bouquet is an ideal way to get wild. These flowers have multilayered, folded petals that point in a single direction. The end result is reminiscent of a supernova or a firework.

One awesome thing that dedicated designers can do is to paint the inside of the folded petals a different color than the exterior. Use a fine brush to paint this interior in a lighter or darker hue than the main color that you choose to accentuate.

This is a fun and interesting way to play with color and make your bouquet pop. However, because of the textured appearance that Electra provides, you can also play with texture in these bouquets.

Because Electra has extremely sharp edges, you may want to pair it with softer flowers. Rounder petals are key here, as are flatter or rounded centers. You don't want something with a lot of texture if you're interested in letting Electra shine.

Invest in a Gorgeous Wooden Bouquet

While there are many event and wedding bouquet options available, choosing something made from sola wood opens up even more possibilities. A wood flower bouquet is long-lasting and customizable while coming in extremely diverse options. Now that you know some ways that you can use these awesome flowers, it's time to get started.

Luv Sola Flowers is committed to providing you with beautiful and versatile wooden flowers at an affordable price. That's why our experts are excited to discuss your individual needs with you and to answer any remaining questions that you have about sola wood flowers. Contact us with any inquiries or comments before buying your gorgeous sola wood blooms!
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